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Newbie Vegetarian with 5 stone to lose

Hi, i joined slimming world yesterday and could of cried when i saw 13st 2lbs looking back at me :cry:. I am only 5ft 1in that is seriously bad :eek:. I dont eat meat, fish, dairy and try to steer clear of gluten products...so im sticking to the green option!!!
I've always been a lazy eater and stuck to microwave meals and part of my reason for choosing sw was to encourage me to learn how to cook healthy....or cook full stop!! lol
I am going to be a bridesmaid next September and i refuse to be the 'fat one' so im looking for any tips to help me shift this weight asap because this 5st seems impossible to lose right now:cry:
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Hi charlie58 you will lose it no time hun after having my daughter 5 years ago i ballooned to 16st 6lb i lost 2 stone on my own and 2 stone with slimming world i stopped going and going start back monday
Have you thought about quorn product's things like chick pea dhal which is free
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hi charlie85 welcome to minimims u will find a lot of support on here have a look at some of the blogs and diaries of members that have lost the same amount as u want to,they are very inspiring good luck x
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stock up on quorn for things lik home made spag ball, cottage pie, chilli, lasange etc...

i love noodles wit soy sauce veg and garlic aswel..

also pot noodle in a cup the tomatoe n curry ones are free on green.

and sw chips r yummy :)


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Go with super speed food like mushy peas and baked beans and then variety of fruit. Good luck, I have 4 stone to lose too xxx
S: 16st9lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 3st10lb(22.32%)
not all are free lik the garlic chicken fillets have syns and stuff lik that ... bu the mince, chicken pieces are all free :)
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Welcome Charlie :) I am also doing green veggie days.

The Quorn mince, pieces, fillets, swedish balls and wafer thin ham style slices are the ones I know are free (off the top of my head). The breaded ones will be synned. The burgers (the brown ones that are frozen) are half a syn each and only take 1.5 mins in the microwave. I had cheeseburgers last night and they were lush.
Heya hunni and welcome to the board!

I'm Britt :)
I've been on and off Slimming world for a while but this is the FINAL time!!

I'll get to goal and so will you!
My goal weight loss is 4 stone so i know how you feel. But i know we can do it!

I only do green days too out of choice as i don't like meat that much!

If you need anything, just shout! We're a friendly bunch here! xo


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Hi and welcome to SW and Minimins :)
You'll be shifting that weight in no time with SW. My hubby is 4lbs away from losing 5stone since January this year :)
What did your C say about not eating any dairy?? seeing as 2 Healthy Extra choices are dairy based.
I am veggie so do everyday GREEN. I eat a lot of Quorn based stuff, there is a long list of the Quorn syns here http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/165322-weekly-meal-ideas-3.html#post2825625
I think a lot of the FREE pasta things eg Mugshots are going to have Gluten in them, so you may have to hunt for gluten free stuff.
But i am sure everyone here will give you loads of help
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I'm a fellow veggie and looking to loose about another 5 stone. I've lost 3 since April following green so it is possible! Good luck x
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Horrible feeling looking at those scales I know. Just think though the weight is only relative to your perception of it. I started at 14st 9lb and have "slimmed down" to 13st 2lb , I'm chuffed to bits with this :D ....I'm also only 5ft if I stand on tip toes. I've fallen off the wagon recently and have been this weight for about 5 weeks so how about we go for it together and keep each other in line?
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Hey hun

I'm a lifelong veggie and I had about 5 stone to lose (not set a target yet). I've lost 15lbs in 6 weeks so far on SW :)

I'm not a quorn fan really. I eat the sausages and the mince occasionally. I did like tofu til they messed with the cauldron one!

good luck

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