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Hi all

I just started on Monday and have 3st to lose, not sure how quick weight loss is supposed to be - any ideas or advice??

I am on sole source... not finding it too bad and hopefully reach ketosis tomorrow (what is that???!!! lol)

I have a tough weekend coming up, friends round Friday eve and staying over, they will all be drinking and i'm not sure i wont join them! any ideas what will happen re ketosis if I drink?? same again saturday .... have family BBQ to go to which will carry on through the night ... avoiding the food is no prob for me .... the wine is another matter though!

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Hi Sarah - I'm new to CD too, i'm on day 6 today. With regards to the weight loss they say that a stone a month is average. I do know that drinking on CD is a definite NO NO !! though. I will link you a post from here in a mo and i'll find you a post explaining Ketosis too and i wouldn't want to miss inform .
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Hiya, I just posted too, i've only started today and have 3st 11lb to lose. I think they say you should roughly lose about 1 stone per month, but after looking at peoples posts on here it seems to sometimes be more than that.
I think it is always going to be hard in the sense that occassions are always going to be cropping up here and there, must admit I like a drink and go to my parents house every other weekend and always have a good drink and takeaways etc, so that will be hard. If you can conquer this weekend you'll be abl;e to conquer anything and it will probably make you feel stronger.

Hope it goes well, stay on track!


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Hello Sarah

We all loose at different rates then anyone else, so how much you loose all depends on your body really. The first week is usually the highest loss, as you get rid of the glycogen stores and carbs. Lots of water is highly rec'd on the CD, the more the better as you loose more that way too. I'd say aim to loose about 1.5 stone in the first month and if you loose more, then its a bonus, less then its the next target.

Re drinking, I wouldn't it will take you out of ketosis and will be harder to get back onto in your first week, plus will have a dramatic affect on your loss for week 1. Get some fizzy water and take that with you, while eveyone else is drinking wine, then you can drink that.. Its actually quite nice too :). Remember you're doing this for you, not for anyone else, so stay strong. xx


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S: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb
Hi all

Thanks for your answers, drinking doesnt look good then! lol I'll try to avoid it as best I can and stay on track.

Weight loss seems rapid, thats good... fingers crossed.

I am drinking 2.25 litres of water a day plus my black coffee so fluid intake is as it should be ... cant stay off the loo tho! hahaha I swear my boss will notice lack of work at some point. hehehe


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