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Hi All

I'm new here. :p

Have been following Slimming World on and off for the last few years but have now ended up even heavier than when I first started. :sigh:

I've decided after reading up about it and hearing positiver things to give dukan a try. I have bought the book and have been trying to plan for my attack phase which I am going to start on Wednesday, however, I was wondering if any of you expert dukan dieters could cast your eye over it and give me and help or advice??? :help2:

This is what I was planning on doing:
Day 1 - B - 2 boiled eggs. Oatbran mixed with ff yoghurt and splenda
L - prawns with dukan mayo, maybe some chicken if still hungry
D - stir fry with chicken, prawns and beef
snacks - toffee muller, crab sticks, chicken, tea, lots of water

Day 2 - B - 2 boiled eggs. Oatbran mixed with ff yoghurt and splenda
L - tin of white crab meat, chicken tikka pieces (made with recipe I found on here)
D - mussells, cooked chicken, baked egg custard
snacks - yoghurt, crab sticks, chicken, tea, lots of water

Day 3 - B - scrambled agg and turkey rashers
L - turkey quiche (recipe I found on here?)
D - smoked salmon, chicken
snacks - yoghurt, crab sticks, chicken, tea, lots of water

What do you think? I'm not sure if ?I'm eating too many eggs? And maybe too much chicken? I'm not too sure about what other meats are actually ok to eat???

Any help greatly appreciated. :D

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Hi Lynsey

Good luck with it - looks like a decent meal plan to meal although I'm no expert. Only managed three days on Dukan myself as it didn't suit me, but I'm sure someone more qualified to help than me will come along soon.

Thanks Charmel. I'm just finding it difficult at the moment to get some variety in there. Just seems to be chicken, prawns and crab sticks.



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Look at some of the recipes people have posted as you'll find them quite interesting. You may find that oatbran in yoghurt isn't very palatable; either make it into a porridge (careful, it sticks easily, but does come out smooth if you keep the heat low) or use one of the galette or blini recipes, which help no end with variety and cravings for bready stuff.
You may get very constipated if you eat two plus eggs a day, though I did (both). Day two you've got egg custard as well as two boiled.
Make sure you have loads of water to drink as well as liquids like tea.
Use loads of herbs in quark or Fromage Frais or yogurt, as it helps make meat less dull.
Smoked salmon and quark with dill is great on mini savoury galettes

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