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Attack Newbie

Hi Guys, another newbie

After trying cambridge and failing miserably i am going to make a damned good effort of the Dukan Diet.

Ive just purchased the Dukan book off Amazon for the Kindle.

Had a good mooch through it, but as you can tell the time, being 2:15am its a bit mind boggling...

So i will be starting the Dukan Diet Attack phase in a few hours when i surface.

I plan on doing the attack phase before i return to university and back to placement, so i can be in routine and happy by then and well on the way to weight loss.

ive not really looked through the menus on here yet, thats my task for tomorrow, as i really dont fancy the ones in the book :s

has anyone made the Dukan Mayo, but without the mustard?!?!?

anyway, just my ramble to say HI, and i will be back with up dates :)

any advice is welcome :)

Katy xx :D
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** Chief WITCH **
Welcome Katie - feel free to check out our FAQs, which will hopefully give you more specific information.

Hi Katie, I made the mayo with mustard and I may as well have left out the other ingredients, mustard was all I could taste (and i hate mustard!) haven't tried it without though
Ok bad start, i walk into the kitchen this morning to find the Parents have done the weekly shop early and got stuff in only i like, looks like Dukan will have to wait a few days :(
Hi, just thought I'd try to help. I think you need to plan ahead especially if you don't do your own shopping. Try to plan weekly menus so your parents get what you need. You'll also find that they will probably enjoy some of the recipes too, as my hubby does, although I do spuds and stuff for him! This is the first day of my 2nd week and I am soo happy. It's a great diet, you don't have to feel hungry at all. Just vary the menus so you don't get bored and remember to drink lots of water. I wish you loads of luck. x
Id tell your parents you'll get your own shopping next week if u can. Write a list of all the dukan foods u like and stock up! Make sure there's always something there you can have to stop u reaching for the biscuits/chocolate/or whatever your thing is when u get hungry between meals. Try and find lots of recipes u like and make sure u have the ingredients. Good luck x
Cheers guys.

we all ready have in most of the food and stuff, theres not much i dont like on the 100 list, but its stuff like fruity yogurts and bread they have in for me.

Plus i hadnt really planned meals, i just thought i will start, monday new day and all that jazz, so i am looking to start towards the end of the week, before i go back to uni on a full time basis, but in the mean time start to cut out carbs (i think a trip to the ducks may be in order for the bread :D ) Well if this rain ever stops... my road looks like a canal, just minus the locks, fast flowing and very wet?!?! waiting for the ducks to waddle down the road...

once i get my self ready and about to start i will open up a blog and keep track that way.

Thankies again

Katy xx
Welcome Katie.
I think you should explain to everybody who loves you exactly what the diet entails. That way if they go shopping for you they will have a better understanding of what u need. Also, if they sneak in the bread or such for you then they have been forewarned and u don't have to feel guilty when u don't eat it.
Is there no one else in the household who eats fruity yogurts and bread? You also have to learn when to say "no, thank you", even when the gesture is a kind one.

welcome katie and good luck :)
Hi Katy

I tried Cambridge as well - it worked for me and I lost a fair bit in 2007 over a few months. It was incredibly boring though. Dukan's excellent. It's fine for people who don't want to think too much about food but it also suits those of us who enjoy cooking and eating real meals. It's just a question of working within the permitted ingredients.

I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind 'wasting' a few yoghurts that they'd bought without asking you if you really wanted to start the diet over the next day or two. Failing that, could you give them to a neighbour?

I decided on a Friday I was going to go for it, bought the book on Sunday, started Monday 15th August and I've already lost 12lbs. I knew that every day I'd hesitate and delay starting would erode my intention to start and my willpower to continue.

Food that I throw out or give away over the next few months won't be "wasted", if you know what I mean. I've stopped clearing my plate to finish the last little bit and realised yesterday while grimly eating nasty chicken slices from Tesco (50c worth) because they'd reached their best by that I'd have been much better binning them. So into the bin went the Candarel (vile to my tastes) the last two strawberry yoghurts (ate two/day of them last week and seemed to stall) and into the compost went some veggies I'd bought and really wasn't keen on.

From now on in I'm operating on the "me-first" principle. If what I'm eating is going to be restricted, I'm going to d##n well enjoy it as much as possible. It's only for a limited period after all. I've now lost 1/4 of what I want to reduce by. In three weeks! Don't delay, you'll kick yourself for it. Best of luck. :)
hi guys,

I am starting the Diet tomorrow morning :)

Missfitness - Thanks :)
Locket - I have explained to the family and they understand , i hadnt told them i was starting and that is what the issue was...
CHRISR - Thankies :)
Ellie - Thankies :)
Dub - Cambridge was AWFULL for me, absolutly hated it, glad i can get food in me this time... Im looking forward starting the Diet :) Thankies for advice...

I am about to open a Blog, so you can find me on there!!!


** Chief WITCH **
I'm so pleased the girls found the right words to convince you as it would have been such a shame to let all that motivation and eagerness go to waste!

Welcome to the forum :D
Keep reading this forum, you'll find plenty of ideas to keep the boredom out of the diet. You can flavour (flavourings found in the baking section of your supermarket, make sure they're not oil based) and sweeten (with artificial sweetener) your yogurt. Are you eating bran or oatbran? U have to use the former.
You really do have to be prepared with this diet, make sure you know what you're having for your next meal and have it to hand or can access it very easily. Plan, plan, plan.
Breakfast can be bacon (turkey rashers really are nice) and eggs, with a side of vanilla yogurt (flavoured yourself) and some porridge made from your oatbran (it really won't be a big bowl but it is yummy). Just use your imagination and stick to the rules.

Yeah it is oatbran, was being lazy and not typing it all!!
I have stuff in which I can eat and I had planned for today but just didn't fancy it, so changed it.
Just raided the piggy box and been and bought some more stuff for me to munch on this week!
I am prepared, I know what I can and can't eat, just whilst I am at home, before I re start going back to uni
I don't have to stick to what I plan... As I can change...

Ah well day one nearly done :)

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