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  1. katblack

    katblack Full Member

    Just wanted to say Hi to fellow followers! I started on Wednesday an so far all is good!! I have PCSO which could possibly make losing weight hard even on a VLCD so thought the added support on here may be my salvation from raiding the fridge an wine rack on a bad day!! Lol :0)
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  3. berry1

    berry1 Full Member

    Good luck :) I started on Monday can't wait to see what i have lost in a week. My scales were showing 10 lbs but I know they vary so will go with what monday says. How r u coping. I'm actually ok not really thinking of food.
  4. katblack

    katblack Full Member

    Omg 10lbs just from Monday!!Thats amazing :0) keep it up! well i bought some super duper scales which weigh to each 1/4 of a lb so hoping will be accurate lol couldnt bear to go into Boots each wk for a public weigh in like some of my friends!! Im feeling really strong willed even having black coffee which when doing before i always had skimmed milk an was ok actually but this time with having the pcos i need to be super strict. Is this the first time you've done this diet?!
  5. berry1

    berry1 Full Member

    Yes first time with exante. I done Cambridge last year the inches lost was amazing:) I came off it and just went back to my old ways so I put it back on. Was really disappointed in myself so this time I'm doing it proper and exante is cheaper than cambridge:) I was weighing in boots to before I started while trying to diet on my own. Have u got much to lose. My aim is 5 stone.

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