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Hi all

I did lipotrim earlier this year and lost over 3st. I met someone and fell in love and put about a stone back on.

i have tried to re start it, but i just cannot get back into it!
I have decided to give slimfast a try, just have 3 shakes a day, but i was wondering how s/f is different to L/t?

My hair fell out alot with lt, but on slim fast will my body go into ketosis with having skimmed milk intake??

Thanks ladies x
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SlimFast wont put you into ketosis and you shouldn't have just 3 shakes a day. You should have 2 and a 600 cal meal and 3 100 cal snacks. It is not designed to be a VLCD and wouldn't be a good idea to use it as such. I would suggest either doing SF as it's meant to be done or to try another VLCD if that's what you want to do. Good luck with what ever you decide to do


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Hiya. SF has got more carbs than LT so it won't put you into ketosis plus it's not nutritionally complete hence needing to eat a meal.

I haven't been able to succeed with the likes of LT either, well I lost 4st on LL, put it back on plus another stone and could never last longer than about 5 days since!

What about one of Cambridge diet's food plans? Or you could give SF a go with a meal a day. I reckon SF is full of sugar so how they market it as a slimming product I dunno lol.

Keep us posted on your decision. :)