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Newby alert!


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Hey all - new to Lipotrim - old hat at diets (failed!). My name is Katy and I'm 27 and far far too big!

So yes - today is my first day. Fingers crossed I can stick to this. I've read so many warnings and nay-sayers - but I need this. I need a good swift kick up the butt and hopefully this will do it!

Much love,
K x
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Hi Katy
welcome to LT :D:D:D
I am on a restart as from today aswell
keep drinking the water, the first week is the hardest, after that its a lot easier
good luck :D


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try set your self some mini goals its so much easier than thinking of all the weight ye have to loose stuff like outfit ye wanna fit into or to drop a dress size
take it one day at a time dont be thinking god ive to stay on this for months just keep saying one more week and then ill see as the weight loss is great and that should spur u on to do another week each time
make sure u take all 3 shakes and drink min of 2 litres per day it stop u feeling hungry in the first few days
also they say u should try take ur shakes at the same time each day
DONT nibble so not worth it ive lost out on a week from doing it and it really was not worth it to have to start all over again
sorry for rambling and good luck if im finding it hard i just log on there is greaty support on this and everyone of us knows what each other is going through


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S: 23st5.0lb C: 21st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 52 Loss: 1st10lb(7.34%)
Cheers guys - thank you for the boost. I'm strangely nervous and apprehensive about this diet as I've never attempted a TFR before. Looks like you're a supportive bunch so I think I may be on here an awful lot! x


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Hi ohtobeslinky
Abs love the name - I'm new to TFR too and on Day 2 - not easy but the support here is great so if you feel you need a push - get on here. I've tried some of the tips too to help ease the pain a bit - peppermint tea mixed with the choc is grand so you can pick up little tricks of the trade as you go...
Best of luck on your journey:):)


Here we go again!
Hi Katy and welcome. This diet is the best and you will love the results. Get through week 1 and it's so much easier (in my opinion) and the weight will drop off. Good luck and keep logging on, this site is a real lifesaver.


Back on the diet train...
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hey wecome to the forum and good luck on ur lipotrim journey. :)
im just finishin my 1st wk , get weighed 2mo. like the othas said keep drinkin the water an the one thing i do is use a straw 2 drink my shakes (cold uns that is as i dnt like em hot anymore :)) makes em go down better 4 me.

also i find that wen im bored thats wen i think more bout food an struggle 2 focus, can get abit angry, so av sum distractions ready!!

good luck hun :)


S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Hi all

i am on day 6 of the first week. Maybe its wishful thinking but I swear i can see a difference already. Ye will be delighted ye did this. This forum is excellent for support. No matter what issue or stupid question I have someone will have an answer for me.

My advice is keep reading this forum. Make it part of your daily routine. Get onto it if the going is tough and you will get encouragement. I found Day 1 fine - all excited, day 2 - I was craving food a good bit, Day 3 - terrible headache, Day 4 - still a headache but easier to not have food, Day 5 and 6 - I found them much easier. And as 5 and 6 were at the weekend i was dreading them but to be honest they were fine. I cooked the usual meals for hubby and kids but cooked meat or fish that I dont like. I cant abide lamb so they had roast lamb on sunday and on saturday it was fish - I dont eat fish. So maybe that helped me not want dinner. Anyway thats how my first week is going. Everyone is prob different but just to say if you find day 2 and 3 tough whatever happens stick with it as it did get easier.

Best of luck to all of ye
Good luck, TFR isn't that bad once your past week 1. It's like going cold turkey from fags or drugs.


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HI Katy,

Welcome! this place is great for support, encouragement and keeping you going! The first week is tough but if you can make it thought that you'll see thatafter a while you get the LT high!!
Like the others said, set the mini-goals and it will keep you motivated!!
Good luck!

PS love your signature statement!

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