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Newby feeling huge!!!Help

Hi everyone. I just started slimming world on Monday. Although the scales havnt changed i feel huge. My clothes feel tighter :(. So not sure if im following it right so could do with some guidance. This is what iv eaten since monday:

B- 42g All bran HEA, milk HEB.(al milk skimmed)
Lunch- Brown pasta with tinned pilchards, half a tin.
Dinner- Spagetti and meatball from slimming world recipe
Snacks-Apple,muller yogurt with cherry underlay 2syns, milk in tea(not sure to count as syns as dont have much milk in cereal

B- All bran HEA, milk HEB
Lunch-same as monday
Dinner-slimming world recipe, shepherds pie
Snacks, strawberrys with muller yogurt, milk in tea

B-All bran HEA, milk HEB
Lunch- same again
Dinner- pork loin with fat removed, green beans with philly 3 syns, sweet potatoe wedges with fry light.
Snacks- muller yogurt, pear, orange, milk in tea.

I know my lunch has been the same every day, i made too much on monday so used it all up.

So does anyone have any tips or anything i could do different?? Im loving eating all the food im having tho,been on the dukan diet for a bit where a ate chicken breast every meal so this is brill. :)


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I take it you're doing EE? You are having 1/3 superfree with each meal right? Only I dont see any veggies and hardly any fruit in there.
Sorry Jackie posted same time as me :)


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You dont seem to be using your syns much either? Use 10-15 a day now so that when your nearer target you have something to cut down on
Yeah im doing extra easy. so when i have pasta should o also have something else with it? Im having jacket potatoe with beans for lunch today, so should i have something else with it 2? it seems as though id just be adding more food to my plate

For the syns i dont really eat crisps or chocolate, what else could i have? its confusing???


I agree with what everyone as said just one more thing you mention the milk. As long as you stick to the amount stipulated by the HEA allowance it can be split in which ever way you like.

I don't have much milk on cereal but I use the rest in a hot milky drink.


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You can use syns on alsorts. I use mine on sauces, mini milks, sausages, gravy. Sw cake recipes.

You need to make sure 1/3 of each meal has super free foods on eg salad, Veg or fruit.
Yeah im doing extra easy. so when i have pasta should o also have something else with it? Im having jacket potatoe with beans for lunch today, so should i have something else with it 2? it seems as though id just be adding more food to my plate

It's essential to fill your plate 1/3 with superfree foods - it's not a case of that ADDING food to what you're eating, its exactly the opposite - you fill your plate at least 1/3 full with superfree food in order to *limit* the amount of other food that will fit on there!

Superfree food is stuff like fruit and veg and has very few calories in it. Free food (meat and carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes, pulses etc) whilst free on EE still contains a lot *more* calories than superfree food. You cant expect to lose weight if you eat a plate entirely full of potatoes and meat every day.

SW isn't a calorie-counting diet, just a healthy way of living, but at the end of the day to lose weight still means we need to eat less calories than we use up. The point of superfree is to keep you full enough without forcing you to count and set absolute limits on what you eat. You should eat til you're full and no more, so 1/3 of a plate of superfree foods helps limit the amount of higher-calorie stuff you eat without leaving you hungry.

Your consultant really should have made this clear, its the whole point really. Start at page 9 and look at the orange pages for a guide to what to eat on EE.

Any questions just ask! :)
Thanks everyone. Iv not been to a meeting as i cant get to one due to work commitments, so my sister gave me the books ect, so im just going from what iv read.

For example what iv eaten already today i cant see how you can then have a third of your plate with the super free, iv had

B- bacon sandwich on wholemeal no butter
L- jacket potatoe and beans.

I can see how i can do that with my dinner later as i coould have meat and veg. feel like giving up already, thought i was doing well :cry:
i havnt been to a meeting as i work lates and its tricky for me to get to one, my sister gave me all the books so iv gone from them. Feel like giving up now, been doing it all wrong.. with what iv had today i cant see how i could add anything else, iv had
B- bacon sandwich, no butter
L- Jacket potatoe and beans

i can see how i could have meat and veg for dinner later, its confusing


Don't give up Sarah we have all been there. For breakfast how about having some mushrooms or tomatoes (tinned or fesh)

Lunch add a side salad or have some melon to start etc.

Your 1/3 superfree does not neccessarily have to be on the side, think veg in bolognese or veg soup.It can be incorperated into a casseroles etc.

It will get easier I promise. Just read and re read all your info that you have.

Edit: When I did sw first time round before I stupidly came off plan. I didn't have 1/3 superfree at every meal and I still lost a lot.

I am not advocating it but try not to let it stress you out to the point of giving up on it.


One day at a time, one step at a time
Yeah im doing extra easy. so when i have pasta should o also have something else with it? Im having jacket potatoe with beans for lunch today, so should i have something else with it 2? it seems as though id just be adding more food to my plate

For the syns i dont really eat crisps or chocolate, what else could i have? its confusing???

Have you read this thread. If not its well worth a read :)

Syns can be used for all sorts. sauces, ie ketchup, mayo, lollies, whatever. Syns are also very very important (think I said that) lol

If you can't have ie superfree with the actual meal you could pick on things like melon, strawberries, kiwi?? Thats what I used to do

Look at peoples diaires on here in the food diary section and get ideas for extra easy

Don't forget to take all fat off your bacon or it has syns.
Thanks for all the replys. Well iv tried what everyone said so this is the last few days: i have lost 2 pounds this week even tho i wasnt doing it right so hopefully more now im getting my head round this:

2 bread HE, bacon, mushrooms grilled, bown sauce 1syn
Lunch- jacket potato, beans, apple and pear
Dinner- Chicken breast, brocolli, green beans, philli 3syns
Snacks, curly wurly 6 syns
Milk in tea HE

2 bread HE, bacon, brown sauce 1 syn
Lunch- Jacket potatoe, beans and cheese HE, APPLE
Dinner, pork loin, brocolli and green beans, grapes.
Milk in tea, 3syns, backed a cake and picked at a little chocolate 5 syns maybe

Today so far
Bacon sandwich again, bread HE, brown sauc 1 syn
Jaffa cake 2.5 syns
Lunch, small portion of brown pasta with tinned pilchards, asparagus, aubergine and mushrooms.

Id love to hear anyones comments or ideas as im just getting used to the diet



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Hiya, your food diary looks better, and well done on the 2lbs loss!

The only thing I would say is try and eat more fruit with your breakfast. With EE it is important to make sure 1/3 of your meal is super free. Thursdays breakfast has the superfree in so that looks better :)

I struggle with ee as I love toast in the morning and im not a fan of mushrooms or tomato's. Its hard to get your head around the fact that you have to eat so much fruit/veg/salad with every meal.

Maybe follow your breakfast (or start eat first) with a banana, kiwi fruit etc? I have been told that your first choice of food when hungry should be a super free food. Its just getting your head into that place - its not easy!

Hope that helps you a bit :) I couldnt get to grips with ee and now trying to follow green during the week and red with the odd ee at weekends. Have you looked at the food diarys on this board? Thats what helped me get my head around the plans more - I didnt make the food but saw where I was/am going wrong.
Thanks for that, yeah iv been looking through a lot to get ideas so thats help. Yeah for breakfasts iv just bought in loads of bananas and muller lights so im gonna start having them for breakfast.

Iv been trying my best to have veg with all meals, and cut down my portions of meat, potatoes and pasta.

Thanks for your advice hun x
It does take a while to get your head round the concept of free/superfree foods, sometimes if I know I haven't had enough superfree during the day, I make myself a HUGE salad, with every veg I can find, and pick at that for the rest of the day - seems like I am eating extra food but it does actually make a difference. It isn't always easy to do the veg when you are busy, but a piece of fruit is nice and easy, it is just a case of getting into the habit.

Good luck Sarah! Just stick at it and soon you will realise what works for you.

Much better 2nd menu! I mostly do green with a few EE thrown in. Perhaps have some sliced banana on your toast? Or maybe weetabix with banana on?
My first week I felt heavier-- think its just your head telling you , "you cant eat this and lose weight surely!"
Use your syns, they are incorporated for a reason :)

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