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newie please help xx

hiya everyone my name is anna 22 from liverpool, i am starting lipo trim on the wknd and came across this site, i wasnt to sure at first but reading everyones posts has made me become determined it sounds so good, so thanks everyone ha.

i think am about 12/13 stone :eek: size 14-16 i want to be a size 8-10 like i was when i met my boyfriend 7 years ago i have just piled it on over the last couple of years! please can anyone give me any advice or tips? much appreciated thanks xx

also if anyone has any different ways of making theirs or stuff you can mix with so dosent get to much would be great thanks, i cant wait i am exited i want to start right now!

thanks in advance xx goodnight
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Hi Anna,
Welcome,it is a great weight loss plan,it can be tough for the first few days but its well worth putting up with the early days as it definately gets easier.This site is a saving grace because when you are having a bad day,you can come on here,have a chat,a laugh and be wound up by everyone else! It keeps you motivated and if you happen to have a slip-up (which I'm sure you wont) then you wont be judged.Good Luck and you can do it!
Best advice I can give is to cut back on the carbs for a few days before starting the diet, as this can help with the carb withdrawal at the beginning. Drink plenty of water too and above all DON'T BREAK the diet for any reason whatsoever, it is SO hard to get back into it again x x x


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Hi Anna, I'm from Liverpool too! Whereabouts are you?
Well you have made the decision to do it, that's the important
thing :) This is my third week, so I'm newish too. It's hard for everyone, whether you're working, or at home looking after kids, this diet needs you to be determined, that's for sure. But the weight will drop off you, so that will keep you going. And LT sounds strict, but it's not as bad as you think.

You'll find loads of support on this forum:)


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Hi anna welcome to the madness!!! best of luck with LT.. we are all in the same boat!

Three tips for you.. always have a bottle of water beside you, a loo nearby for the first few days and if you find that you are hungry between shakes, spilt them up so you will have 6 half portions instead of 3 full portions.. that was my saving grace!


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hi anna and welcome to the best forum in the world ,you can do this and we are all here to help ,good luck xx


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Good luck with your start, it is a brilliant diet if you stick to it......whatever you do dont be tempted to cheat as it will slow your losses down greatly.
yes but dont forget the water, good luck youll be fine its easy peezy
i sure hope so!! :p

i work horrible shifts though 4am starts late finishes an some days in between so just gonna have to try an have the shakes split out as much as poss.

do you prepare them and take them with you or is it best to make when ready to eat!?



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Hello and welcome....not much to add other then make sure you come on here and keep us updated with your progress.....if you feel crappy Sun/Mon/Tue try and ride the storm because it does get easier after the first few days. Good luck hun.x

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