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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by wanna_be_thin, 31 August 2009 Social URL.

  1. wanna_be_thin

    wanna_be_thin Full Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm picking up my first lot of packs tonight/getting weighed and starting cambridge tomorrow. Im around 11stone 6 pound at the mo but will edit tomorow to show my official start weight. Ive already lost 2 stone 4lb by healthy eating but im just not losing the weight fast enough (has taken me since january). Hopefully cambridge is going to get me there! My goal weight is 7 stone 12 pound and the date i want to achieve by is the 20th november which is my 23rd birthday.

    Hopefully keeping this journal will keep me sane through the next 12 weeks!

    I'm planing on coming on here most days but for extra support i would love a diet buddy/buddies. If anyone is interested just pm me or reply to thread with your email.
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  3. wanna_be_thin

    wanna_be_thin Full Member

    Just an update to say ive been weighed in tonight and it was pretty much what i expected. With clothes i weigh 11 stone and 6 and 3 quarter pounds. My counsillor is away for the next three weeks on a cruise so i have bought 3 weeks worth of packs and am now officially skint :cry:. As my counsillor isnt going to be around im really going to need all the support i can get from this forum. Fingers crossed when i go back to weigh in 3 weeks i will have lost a good amount of weight and be well on my way to being me again :D.
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  4. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Good for you buying 3 weeks worth :) i did this as my CDC is also away for 3 weeks, well shes back today actually lol yes did cost alot :D

    Good luck with your journey!! we're all here for you

  5. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    hi there nicci, i went to pick up my packs this morning and have started today and i too need lots of support as my cdc away on a cruise from sunday...we may have the same one eh?
    ive got through my first day today but am really struggling , i think i would be fine if i didnt have to cook for the rest of family and could just sit on laptop all day ha ha!!
    ive got about 3 1/2 stone to lose and would really love to do it by xmas time.
    im going come on here most nights too. i dont know how to do those ticker thing etc so got loads to learn,good luck on you first day tomorrow and well done on your weight loss so far thats brill, i started ww in jan and am now 4 lb heavier so im hoping cd is the one for me too,
  6. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    I also need to lose another 3 and half stone by Dec .... so there ya go...someone else to watch the weight with :D

    heres to us :D
  7. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    Thats it then xmas and 3 1/2 stone lighter here we come:D
    im motivated now and am going to have that party dress that ive always wanted!!
    Heres to day 2:)
    Jo xx
  8. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    ps. how do you do those weight loss things ive tried but cant x
  9. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    What weight loss things lol?
  10. parisbeach

    parisbeach Silver Member

    how much does a weeks worth of sachets cost as i starting ss next week and she didnt tell me price? weightloss tickers at ticker factory and the copy and paste bbcode into your signature
  11. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    hi i paid £39 for a weeks ss today x:cry:
  12. wanna_be_thin

    wanna_be_thin Full Member

    Hi guys im dead chuffed ive got some replies. I know we can do this together!

    Josie where are you from? my counsillor is Heather in south shields and she is going away on the cruise next sunday.

    Im rubbish at explaining the ticker thing as i barely worked it out myself but you go to ticker factory via google and it will explain how to pick the tracker you would like and then you copy the bb code which you put into your signature in your profile. Hope thats not too confusing someone else might be able to explain better, i tend to ramble on haha.
  13. parisbeach

    parisbeach Silver Member

    thanks for that info Jo, i will get saving pennies tomorrow
  14. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    thats so weird , heather my cdc too.
    i first went 2 weeks ago and had every intention of starting then but it was my birthday and then i was on holiday for a week so i didnt get round to stating until today! im hoping to go back friday am to get weighed as i dont think i could wait until she gets back!
    are you going to weigh yourself next monday night and write it on here?? i may do that . im waffling on arnt i?:eek:
    i cant believe ive found somebody from shields on here, good job i cant get my pic on here incase you spy me in minchellas lol ( having a black coffee of course );)
    keep me updated on your weight loss xx
  15. wanna_be_thin

    wanna_be_thin Full Member

    Hi Josie,

    Whats the chances eh!? funnily enough i had a minchellas ice cream today from the van in marine park but im allowed as it is technically my last day lol. If you ever wanna meet up just chat over text or whatever my number is 07805797454. Bit of a weird question but have you got a dog? I have 3 and we are always up for a walk!

    Heather gets back on the 21st so im going to get my official end of three weeks weighin then but in the meantime im going to weigh in every monday night :D.
  16. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    hiya not got a dog but do have 2year old twin boys who need alot of exercise lol!! i will put your number in my phone for motivation, good luck xx
  17. jk4657

    jk4657 Member

    hi ..... I started today too and could do with all the support I can get - my CDC will be weighing me fortnightly.
  18. wanna_be_thin

    wanna_be_thin Full Member

    Hi hun welcome, i will be on here most nights so if you need to talk you know where i am.

    First day of cambridge and ive had a horible day although not because of the diet! i had flu last week and had to take tamiflu incase of swine flu, after my flu cleared up i was left with problems with my throat and chest so was given steroids and an inhaler which havent helped at all. Ive spent the day on the sofa absolutely sweating and exhausted so ive no idea whats going on with that??

    On the CD front, ive had 2 and a half pints of water so far, i know its says 4 pints but im going to aim for at least 6 pints everyday. Ive also had a porridge sachet so have 2 more left.

    Ive found it relatively easy today, although that might have something to do with the fact i havent moved or exerted any energy at all except to go to the loo 45 times! and i have slept abit too. I normally dont get hungry during the day as i tend to be a night time eater/binger but just for the simple fact i couldnt have food today i have thought about the crunchy nut cereal in the kitchen all day/ the times i was awake lol.

    Hows your second day gone Josie? have you got a diary on here?
  19. josiejo1968

    josiejo1968 going to do it!!!!

    hi there,
    well im on day 3 now and finding it hard:sigh: i dont think im in ketosis as i still feel really hungry and my tummy rumbling very loudly!!
    im thinking of food all the time and could kill for a slice of bread and butter but have been really good and stuck with it 100%:D
    i did weigh myself this morning and i have lost 5 lb in 2 days that cant be right surely ( i hope it is ) so its made me want to stick with it!
    im back at work next week after 7 weeks holiday so am hoping ill be too busy to think about food lol!
    hows everyone doing ? am i the only one who finds this really hard?
  20. wanna_be_thin

    wanna_be_thin Full Member

    Hi Jo

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with it. I tried cambridge a while back but was too addicted to food and couldnt even finish 5 days so i really struggled then. I think im not finding it as bad this time as ive already been on quite a strict diet before this (800 calories) so im used to lack of energy and food. Saying that it's only the start of my second day so i might have it ll to come. My plan on a normal day is to keep my food until the evening so thats what im doing with my packs. Its easy for me to keep busy during the day and drink my water and then when im settling down in the evening and get bored in front of tv i have my packs.
  21. sassy30

    sassy30 Member

    Hiya! I also need to lose 3.5 stone by xmas. I am currently 10.6 too. I have just started today so fingers crossed we can do it. I will be on most days so we can check in to see how we are doing.:)

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