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Nice to be back! Oink Oink


Alway see the love x
:p Hello my lully`s.

I did Atkins just under a year ago and started again on Sunday. Dont recall why I even left.........
I would like to start a page so I can throw down my thoughts and also help me to remember everything Ive eaten, done, went and drank! ( Im so getting old lol) Please feel free to add as we go along.....

So, here goes...............

B. Muffin and coffee
L. Eggs, smoked fish and mushrooms
D. Jims beef curry with collie rice

Need to buy more water ( please nagg me to drink more)

So nice to be back! I see a few Jims Angels are back also, poor Jim Jim wont know whats hits him......Now wheres that whip? :eek:

Heres to a slimmer summer for us all.....

Happy Eating

Woofy x
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Hi woofy :) drink your water!!!
whats with the oink oink thing?
Oink Oink!

It's so good to see you back woofy love.


Alway see the love x
Hi Vicky, I will try my best with the water but plz feel free to kick my bum each time u pass lol

OINK OINK Jim Jim........Missed me? hee hee

Now where did Oinking start? I think it was about a year ago, Jim started it! ( If in doubt, blame Jim hee hee)

Woofy X


Alway see the love x
Ive done 1.5L of water.....I know Im pants!

Does any1 else have trouble drinking?
If it were wine, then no problems there lol

Nawty Woof X

wasn't it something to do with how much we could eat?


Alway see the love x
Have helped the problem with the water, Ive been having it in a wine glass! Mad I know, but its working. I like the feel of this glass in my hand rather than the big glasses.

Must have looked rather odd opening my front door at 2pm with a wine glass in hand today....hee hee Oh well, Hic!

Chin Chin

Woofy X
Must have looked rather odd opening my front door at 2pm with a wine glass in hand today....hee hee Oh well, Hic!

Chin Chin

Woofy X
LOL :p
Hiya Woofy
Found you how was ur day mine was ok what can I have for tea???


Alway see the love x
I have no kitchen today nor will I for the next few days as Ive a new 1 being fitted....BUT I will work around this and not reach for the Devil foods.

I was having Jim Jim`s curry but that went out the window so I had steak, celery and garlic cheese (cooked on a camping stove lol) all washed down with the finest white WATER in a lully wine glass. Happy tummy!

What have you had already, Jenny and what you got in the house?

Janbow, I could have died but just knocked it back and smiled..hee hee

Oh well, another day nearly over and Im pleased I got through it!

Woofy X
I had eggs as inlaws came round to visit and I was really ready to eat by the time they went home


Alway see the love x
I love my wine glass, its a shame its water and not lush wine.....May treat myself in a few weeks as right now, Im stayin away....

Today, woke feeling "good" Slept great apart from having very strange dreams ( I never really dream ) and poppin for a pee at silly O clock in the morning. Still have no kitchen but got the camping stove thingy out and cooked some sausages and bacon which was fun.

So, today Mathew I shall be eating

B. Sausage and bacon with coffee and cream
L. Muffin and cheese
D. Not sure BUT if cooker is back it will be Jim Jims curry.

Trying very hard with the water and black coffee. Must be drinking lots as Im sick of climbing the stairs for a wee....

Thoughts of the day!
Head aches alittle so more water needed to flush it.
Need to re think breakfasts. Any ideas other than sausages?
Need to start moving move and get the old heart pumping.

Happy Tuesday!

Woofy X
Omelette's and stuff woofy, or for me more often leftovers

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