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Nicola's Diary

Thanks Hannah for the tip, well here it is! Think it will keep me sane as i already seem to be addicited to this site and find inspiration from you all! So here goes the start of my diary for all you ladies that might want to read (if not its therapy in itself to write it down hey! lol)

I am on day three so will start with Day 1 and 2!

Day 1 - Well after weighing in half a stone heavier than when i met LLC for info session it was the 'push' i needed as i realised that food is not only controlling me but taking over my every thought! Day one started with lumpy porridge which was far too sweet i thought! I have a major sweet tooth so was a surprise that it was so sweet! LOL. I drank and drank (3.5 litres to be precise!) and in turn weed and weed (sounds like gardening but u get what i mean!) . Then i had a shake for lunch, banana-was yummy! 4pm was the turn of vegetable soup and was plesantly surprised! Then finally it was the turn of vanilla shake (LLC gave it to me even though i don't like vanilla!) lesson to self-don't knock it til u've tried it-was lush! Day one saw no headaches and a mind that was in the right place!

Day 2
Woke at 5.30am with a severe headache, i had discussed my worry with LLC prior to starting as suffer due to an old whiplash injury. Anyhow her advice was take two paracetemol, two ibuprofen and a cup of black coffee-urgggggh, however, i took it and went back to bed and woke feeling better! Still a niggle throughout the day but again drank 3.5 litres. I have started reading stories on here and FB LL page and i find that they are inspirational. I have yo-yo dieted since i was 17 (am now 32) and due to comfort eating medication have put on 5 stone since i was 17. I don't know what makes this diet different but for me i need to get to the reasons why i eat and think thats where the CBT and TA will come in- i know the reasons why i eat (don't want to discuss as yet) but can't get to grips with why (if u know what i mean!). All in all though i feel that by taking the choice of foods away it will help me to redevelop my relationship with what was once my comfort. Didn't sleep well on night one at all, early night and slept fairly well.

PS I had chilli for tea and it was described as dia*****!! U get it, it was not for me i'm afraid, each to their own hey!

Day 3
Woke early and was thirsty on waking so drank half a litre-wow-the woman who prior to this only drank say 1 glass of squash with evening meal and that was it!
Had a quick shake-strawberry as had to go to see LLC-40 min drive for me :sigh: - this will cost a fortune in petrol alone! lol

Did the obligatory wee on a stick and LLC said i was 'very near' ketosis-it was like a pink colour-very light, to be honest she could have told me anything cos i wouldn't have a clue!!! Anyhow, then the weigh in, a total loss of 3 1bs -yey was very chuffed with that (the most i have lost on other diets on day seven is 4 pounds so thats all good and a boost for me!). My head seems to be in the right place, then i have a little think and think i hope this novelty doesn't wear off???? LLC gave me shepherds pie to try and it was gorgeous-really loved it, ok all mushed up but then as i said to my mum i used to mash everything even as a teen-and sometimes in adulthood-i wonder what thats all about but again shows my obsure relationship with food doesn't it i suppose! I had a good cry at Mums i don't really know why (i'm a crier mind!) and i just think i have come to the realisation that however hard this journey may be i MUST shift this weight.
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Welcome to the forum!
Good luck and look forward to reading about your journey.


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Welcome to the forum lovely girl. Good luck in your journey xx


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Hey! There you are!!

Good news at the pop in - well done :)

Looking forward to reading your progress!! xx
Thanks all! And thanks Hannah for pointing me in the right direction!!! Look forward to keeping you informed and also keeping informed lol


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welcome nicola.. well done on ur pop in session!!!!! enjoy the rest of ur week xx


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Hey, well done for your pop in weight loss it gives the extra push you need the first week as it can be difficult. You will go through many emotions, the crooked thoughts will appear, but remember when you are having a wobble we will all be here for you, to hopefully offer some inspiration.

Looking forward to reading your diary xx

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Thanks GemBritney and LadyT!!! I found yesterday afternoon a bit of a struggle was thinking of food all the time! Decided to go for a swim with my Mum, problem is before i went i had the spicy curry food pack-oh my oh my it was foul!!!! I love curry etc but this was gross! The swim took my mind off food and then i had a relaxing evening watching tv!

Day 3 today, had a nice lie in until 8.30am-late for me! Woke with no headache today-yey-thats a brilliant start of the day for me as usually have one! Not feeling hungry as yet so will wait half hour or so for brekkie now!

You both have amazing weight losses so that keeps me inspired!
How do i get the information tools on the side, eg when i started/weight etc? As mentioned earlier am pretty useless with the site at the moment! LOL

Let Day 3 commence!


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Good going through the first couple of days.

Errm right the tool thingy, right up the top of the page in the blue band top left hand. User CP, if I remember rightly you can alter stuff in there. Hope that helps. x
Thanks Clara,
Just input the information but it isn't showing! LOL

Feeling a bit funny today, woke up feeling amazing and then gradually felt worse-bad side (right hand gallbladder type pain) and also like period pains, i am due on mind. I also feel a bit dizzy, suppose thats normal with the decrease of calories. Have got into bed and told hubby we won't be going anywhere this afternoon, luckily he is watching the footy.

Feeling a bit down this afternoon, too much time for those crooked thoughts to get in the way i suppose. I have one essay to finish and this will complete my social work degree but for some reason i do not have any motivation-what is wrong with me? Been like it since i finished placement 4 weeks ago and can't shake it and now essay is due in a week tomorrow! I also went to go to supermarket and found some metal thing on the floor by the car-great after a phonecall to Dad who then phoned his mechanic friend it looks as if we will have to take it to garage and be billed about £100-200 which we don't have as i am not in work :-( All in all feeling like poop and normally what i would do now is head for food, however i have taken that out of the equation and feel empowered by this new diet as it doesn't give me that choice. Just tried the mushroom soup was nice but practically had to force it down as feel so so full, have drunk 2.5 litres of water so far another 1 to go to make it the same as day 1,2,3!

Anyhow thats me for now-maybe will write some more later as i feel addicted to the sit, well it keeps my mind off food doesn't it!
Day 5! Wow that has gone quickly!
Woke up feeling as fresh as a dasiy although not sleeping too well at the moment-side effect????

Took student to college, went to surgery and blood pressure has dropped already :)

Had a porridge this morning again have to say i find it a bit too sweet! I am liking the shakes and some soups but think i won't get so many this week as can't stomach them! Am going to try the new minestrone for lunch today and then have a 'vanilla coffee' and another shake i think.

I had a conversation with hubby just now and he asked how i was and did i feel worse or better than i thought. In all honest after a rough afternoon yesterday i feel soooooooo much better atm-thank you LighterLife. It is early days and i really don't want to speak to soon. I finish uni soon, lectures have finished but have this one essay to hand in by next Monday and i'm only half way :-(
The other day a friend asked was i going on the uni night out (we have had one already and i went!) i said i wasn't going tp put myself in a position so early on in the diet to be surrounded by food and alcohol, anyhow my friend said, 'Can't you just come and soak up the atmosphere?' My answer, 'No, not so early on in the diet as i want to remain focused and be fair to myself' she then said, 'Well i respect that but it is SUCH a shame you can't come, maybe you will reconsider!!!' Arggghhhh not so understanding after all! I know its end of uni and stuff but i want this more than i want a night out :)

Anyhow, may write later with a little update of the day. I am nearly at the top of the hill now!!! Hope i don't get withdrawals today.


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Hi Nicola and welcome,
Well done on your pop in loss,your head seems to be in the right place good on you.
Looking forward to reading your journey!
Sexy xx

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Thanks! Wow you have lost loads of weight -what has kept you so motivated??? I am a little worried for July as we are supposed to be going on hols for 2 weeks-probably all inclusive and then 2 weddings and four days in Dublin-eeekkkks! What will i do then????

Will keep updating, am going to try the minestrone soon! LOL


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Thanks,by staying focused and keep reminding myself the food will still be there when I'm done!
I know now I have to change the way I think by eating more healthy and cutting out the crap!
You could try 3pks and a meal LLL,for your outings and holiday,then you will stay in kettosis Hun,just a thought!
Sexy xx

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Thanks, yes will see how i go over next eight weeks and then discuss hols etc with LLC to see what i can do. How does the LLL work??? What sort of food are you allowed?


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Weighed amount of protein and any leafy green veg and salad,you should get a book off your counceller when you discuss it with her!
Sexy xx

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Day 6 today and i have woken up and had a bath with my fave Lush products :)

I am feeling fine, got a little niggle and a few problems with 'No 2s!' oh well could be worse! I am due on within the next week and suffering a bit with period pains-could do with some food!

Is it normal to be eating chicken soup for breakfast??? I just couldn't face the porridge this morning-maybe later! My LLC gave me a selection of packs so now i know what i like (and definately don't like-spicy curry and chilli and not too fussed on porridge or strawberry shake!) i shall be making my own choices tomorrow! More of the minestrone soup and shepherds pie along with vanilla and banana-these are my faves!

All in all i'm feeling good getting nervous about weigh in tomorrow evening as i always seem to be disappointed at my first weigh in but what i need to remember is that i've stuck to it to the letter and drank 3.5 litres of water plus the pack water on top of this so what can go wrong??

Have a good day all, i am going to attempt to get on with this essay!


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good luck with WI tomorrow x
Thanks Gembritney! I keep looking at your losses because i am a similar height, BMI is just over 40 and need to get it down to 30 or below for IVF! Will update tomorrow x


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Hiya, well done on getting through the first week, and good luck with your weigh in tomorrow! I'm sure it will go great!

I think I'm the same as you with the packs - the curry and chilli really don't do it for me and I was surprised by the bananna and vanilla ones with coffee in them, really lovely! The porridge is just far too sweet for my liking though (I always have my porridge salty not sweet, so this stuff is a shock to the system in the mornings)!

Best of luck with the essay too, and hope the headaches improve!

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