Nightshift's making me fat!


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Hi everyone, I've finally grabbed the bull by the love handles and decided to get on a proper eating plan, instead of this I'm-on-a-diet-but-that-slice-of-pizza-doesn't-count plan! It just wasn't working out for me! I work 12 hour shifts and most of that time is spent munching on convenient junk food washed down by a gallon of sugary coffee. This has got to stop! So i'm doing the Slimming World plan cos I have have have to get into a bikini for a trip to Florida in October. I will not be a sweaty mess! Lol.
Any help and advice from anyone would be great. I'm already inspired by some of the stories on here so keep up the good work people!

Gill x
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Good to change your eating plan. Well done keep it up.


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I work some nightshifts so I feel your pain! I had Doritos for breakfast when I got in (I know...!) I can only suggest using sweetener in coffee (take your own to work if needs be) and have a fridge packed with diet friendly food so you have something healthy to pick on when you get in. Fruit and yoghurt?

Be kind to yourself though - nights are hard :)


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Good luck. Aslong as you take plenty to snack on you'll be fine. Make a fruit salad, pasta, savoury rice, soup, sandwich, syn free quiche etc (list is endless). Fill up on the good food and have the naughty food as your syns. :)