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Nikki's food diary!!

Ok third day on sw and finding it really great :D, been following EE.

Breakfast -- 2 slices of wholemeal toast (heb) with 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch -- Baked potato with 3 slices of ham and salad.

Dinner -- Butternut squash and gorgonzola risotto and 1 birds eye simply salmon fillet with lemon butter which i can't believe is free.

Now think i have boobed with the gorgonzola, i thought i could have some as a HEA but just discovered it isn't on the list as an a only as a b, why is that?? I only had 20g so i don't suppose it's the end of the world though. Do you think i should syn it or not ?

Ended up haveing a banana , a shape yogurt and a cadbury hilight mousse during the evening so 7.5 syns for today including the cheese.
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I would just syn it to be on safe side, I did think you could have two B's but I think I got that muddled with a cheese debate earlier in the year!
I can only have 1 B as on EE, if i have understood right. I've syned the cheese just to be safe, don't want to spoil my first week. Thursdays food so far...

Breakfast -- 2 slices wholemeal toast ( heb) + 2 laughing cow triangles ( 3 syns) and 2 slices of ham, and a banana.

Lunch -- 2 slices of ham , boiled potatoes and baked beans.

Snack -- wholemeal sandwich with chicken and salad ,no spread or mayo, had this from a food court place when out shopping. Will need to syn just the bread i think,will do that later.

Dinner -- 2 red peppers stuffed with batchelors rice and topped with low fat cheddar (hea).

Got a nice fruit salad for later from marks and spencers it's called "radiant raspberry romance" lol. Looks really nice it has golden raspberries in it, never had them before they are yellow coloured no idea if they taste the same as regular rasps or not, but will soon find out!!
Right fridays food , not so good i find weekends really hard.

Breakfast -- Nothing no time

Lunch -- Baked potato,2 slices of ham, beans.

Dinner -- Veg chow mein, few chips and prawn crackers 25? syns.
Whole bottle of red wine - 36 syns oooppps

Saturdays food

Breakfast -- 2 alpen lights ( heb) ,fat free m & s yogurt, and grapes.

Lunch -- Mcdonalds grilled chicked salad -3syns? only used a tiny squirt of the balsamic dressing.

Dinner -- Spaghetti bolognese and parmesan (hea)
Sunday food.

Breakfast -- 2 Alpen lights (heb) , fat free m & s yogurt and grapes and a plum.

Lunch -- Pasta with tomato and veg sauce.

Dinner -- Spaghetti with tuna and tomato sauce,parmesan (hea).
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Monday 24th

Breakfast -- nothing no time too many people off sick at work!!

Lunch -- Baked potato with 3 slices of ham and salad.

Dinner -- Steak with frylight roast potatoes and salad. 3 tbsp tesco xtra lite mayo 3 syns? can't find it in my book.

Snack -- 2 slices wholemeal toast (heb) with grilled cheese (hea).
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Tuesday 25th
Had my first weigh-in this morning, lost 4lbs so quite pleased, could probably have done better if i hadn't had wine and chinese and weekend!! Anyway here's to another good week!

Breakfast -- 2 slices wholemeal bread and 2 ww sausages (1 syn) ,didn't really like the sausages,funny texture,maybe they are better with gravy.

Lunch -- Fusilli with bolognese sauce

Dinner -- SW chips with beans and 2 "fried" eggs.
Had a shape yogurt ,2 plums +1 apple.

Have made some of the syn free muffins so might have 1 or 2 for desert later.

Had a muffin, not really impressed.Found them very heavy and dense,wouldn't make them again.

Had a mini milk ice lolly (1.5 syns) to make up for disappoinyment of muffins! lol
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Wednesday 26th

Breakfast -- Skipped again, just too busy at work

Lunch -- Spaghetti with tomato sauce from tesco ( 4.5 syns)

Dinner -- Stir fry with veg, pork, noodles and soy sauce.
Blackberry shape yogurt.

Supper -- 2 slices wholemeal bread (heb) with extra lean bacon , low fat cheese (hea) and tomatoes.
Skinny cow ice cream sandwich ( 5 syns).
muller light and a plum
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
What about fruit Hun??? Try and make a fresh fruit salad (chopped bits without the juice) to have a nibble on. That way, it feels a little bit naughty, but you are eating lots in one go.
Yeah really need to make an effort to eat more fruit, will try to have a bowl after dinner.

Thursday 27th.

Breakfast -- Actually had time this morning!! 2 slices of wholemeal toast (heb) with 2 eggs.

Lunch -- Cold roast beef with salad and a jacket potato. Shape yogurt.

Dinner --Is going to be chicken breast in breadcrumbs with mash ,sweetcorn and broccoli. Will syn the breadcrumbs, off to look it up now!

Goldenfry breadcrumbs 5 syns for 28g.

Snack -- Shape yogurt and a banana.
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Friday -- thank god!!! Been short staffed at work for the last 2 weeks but this week was worse, should be 6 of us only been 2 all this week, needless to say i am bloody shattered and looking forward to a few glasses of wine and somthing from the chinese. Don't want to totally spoil my efforts all week though so will make careful choices.Have only used 20 syns so far this week so should be able to have something nice.

Breakfast -- 2 slices of wholemeal bread and eggs.

Lunch -- Salmon kebab,rice, sweetcorn and broccoli.

Dinner -- Half a spring roll ( 5 syns), half a beef chow mein (4 syns) and 2 fortune cookies (5 syns). Bottle of red wine (36 syns).

Snacks -- 1 curlywurly (5 syns) 1 tunnocks tea cake (5.5 syns).

Total syns 60.5. Total for week 79
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Saturday 29th

Breakfast -- Asda xtra lean bacon, beans, mushrooms, egg + 2 slices wholemeal toast(heb).

Lunch -- Thai sweet chilli super noodles, shape yogurt , 1 apple.

Dinner -- Grilled chicken in a garlic and ginger sauce (4 syns) boiled rice.
Cadburys highlights mousse (3 syns).
Asda cheese curls (3.5 syns).


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Saturday 29th August
Breakfast - (made the night before) 1oz porridge oats HEB, natural yogurt, sweetener to taste and frozen mixed berries
Put the fruit in a bowl..Mix the yogurt, sweetener and porridge til combined..Dropping consistency-ish...Put over the fruit and leave in the fridge overnight..keeps you full till lunchtime and lush!!

Lunch - Banana, fat free yogurt, not feeling hungry

Dinner - fish baked in tomato, mushroom,onions and herbs, mashed pot HEB, carrots and cauli
Ok used 90 syns so far so must be careful today! Sunday 30th.

Breakfast -- Didn't have anything as was in bad so late!! First lie in in ages, was great! Daughter normally skates at weekend and we get up between 5 and 6 am, but we had a weekend off was lovely.

Lunch -- Roast beef ,gravy (2 syns) , dry fry roasties, broccoli ,green beans, carrots and 2 asda frozen yorkies ( 5 syns).
Orange mullerlight.

Dinner -- Courgette carbonara using parmesan as hea and 2 tbsp elmlea single cream (2 syns).
Large slice of melon,some grapes and an orange.

Supper -- 2 slices wholemeal toast (heb) with 2 slices of turkey and tomatoes.
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Monday 31st

Breakfast -- 2 slices wholemeal toast (heb) +1 egg

Lunch -- 3 slices of ham with salad and a jacket potato.

Dinner -- Will be lasagne,i used a sachet of colemans white sauce mix and 1/2 pint of skimmed milk,and 115g of cheese.So works out (2.5 syns) and a hea per portion.

Huge bowl of strawberries, blackberries and banana, with some vlf fromage frais with a sachet of belgian choc options and some splenda stirred in. Only ate half the fromage frais i made so just (1 syn) for the lot!!
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Aug 31st EE day
Breakfast - 2 weetabix HEB chopped banana and milk from allowance
Lunch - Chicken and pasta salad.
Dinner- to be decided
2 litres of water and 2 cups of coffee so far
Tuesday 1st Weighed myself this morning lost 1lb, bit disappointed.

Breakfast -- 2 slices wholemeal toast (heb) with 2 slices of tesco healthy living bacon and some tomato.

Lunch -- Left over lasagne from last night (hea) + (2.5 syns).

Dinner -- Corned beef hash (2 syns for 1/2 tin lean corned beef) with beans and a frylight egg.
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Wednesday 2nd

Breakfast -- Wholemeal roll (heb) with 2 slices of tesco HL bacon and a boiled egg sliced.

Lunch -- Mug of homemade veg soup, a salmon fillet with frylight roasted potatoes and salad.

Dinner -- Will update later, think i will make a chicken casserole of some sort and rice.

Ok casserole on, used skinless chicken thighs,onion,leeks,mushrooms and garlic, 1 tbsp olive oil 6 syns, dash of white wine 2 syns, and will stir in 2 tbsp of elmlea single cream 2 syns and 1 tbsp of cornflour 3.5 syns at the end.So 13.5 syns whole recipe,i'll count my portion as 4.5 syns and have it with boiled rice.

Shape yogurt and 2 plums.
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Thursday 3rd sept.

Breakfast -- Wholemeal roll (heb) with boiled egg. Banana.

Lunch -- 2 sausages (6 syns) with dry roasted potatoes and beans.

No idea what to have for dinner, just don't know what i fancy!! I have lots of leftovers from other meals in the fridge that i should be using but don't really want any of them. Will go have a think.

Dinner -- Was good and used up the leftover casserole and rice from last night (4 syns).3 mini corn on the cobs with 1tsp butter (2 syns)
2 glasses of red wine (12 syns).
6 melba toasts (3 syns) and 28g cheddar (hea).

Total syns so far this week 39.5.
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Friday 4th

Breakfast -- Wholemeal roll with hard boiled egg.

Lunch -- Salmon fillet with ainsley harriot roasted veg couscous (2 syns) and salad.

Snack -- Grapes and melon.

Dinner -- A chinese!! oohh dear.I had won tons a couple of spoons of fried rice, half a veg chow mein and a few chips. Guessing around (20 syns)
Also had a bottle of red wine (36 syns).

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