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Hi all.

I am no stranger to Minimins. I used to post regulary and had a weight loss diary but failed to keep it up to date as I ran out of time through out the day. So, instead of blogging my thoughts I shall keep it simple and write down my food diary each day. Tomorrow is weigh in day, usually I have a treat. As i have gained over christmas maybe i don't deserve it lol. I have lost 3 stones already. My target this year is another 2.

So today is extra easy.

Breakfast- All bran and milk at friends house (we had a girly night in last night)
Lunch- Frozen left over sw beef chilli and veggies
Snack- Pear and clementine
Dinner- Pork stir fry with rice noodles.

Looking forward to updating tomorrows now.

Bye all x
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ooooooooooh hello you

Nice to see you back, hope you have had a good xmas!!
Best of luck with your goals :D


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Brrr it's cold today.

Yesterday I had
Breakfast - Porridge, banana and honey (1 syn)
Lunch- Left over pork stir fry with rice noodles (0.5 syns) pear, 2x clementines
Dinner- Veg soup

Breakfast- mini weetabix and milk with banana (a and b gone)
Lunch- SW Chicken and sweetcorn soup, pear, 2 clementines and a muller light
Dinner- Have to wait and see as I am going to the dentist to have a filing. So not sure what I shall be up to eating but hopefully I will fancy savoury rice with loads of chopped veggies in.

Have a good day.



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Afternoon all.

It appears I forgot to update yesterday.

Breakfast- 35g mini weetabix milk (a and b) bananna
Snack- Bananna
Lunch- sw chicken sweetcorn soup, clementine, muller light and pear
Dinner- Savoury rice with courgette, peppers and butternut squash with a splash of tabassco. yum!

Breakfast- mini weetabix and milk (a and b)
Snack- Bananna
Lunch- Chicken sweetcorn soup muller light and fruit.
Dinner- Chicken stir fry with sweet chilli and garlic sauce (3 syns) with rice.

Treats- 2 x quality street = 4 syns


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Saturday 7th Jan 2012

Food for today...

Breakfast- 3 skinny lizzie sausages (1.5 syns) with tomato ketchup (2 syns) and weight watchers bread (b)
Lunch- not sure but prob a veggie omelette
Dinner- Pork with butternut squash and other veggies


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Hi all

So here's too a 100% weekend. Made up!
Breakfast- bacon on toast brown sauce (b and 2 syns)
Lunch- low fat chilli chicken super noodles, pear, apple and clementine
Dinner- Savoury rice. BNS courgette, pepper with spalsh of tabassco :)

Feeling oh so excited for wednesday WI. Woooo


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Monday 9th January 2012

Happy Monday all.

Today was a bit stressful. Had my performanace management observation today (i'm a secondary school teacher). Glad to say the kids were really well behaved and worked well. But I don't get my feedback until tomorrow so we'll see how i did.

Going the gym straight after school tonight. Looking forward to that.

Todays plan...
Breakfast- weetabix minis with spalsh of milk and a coffee
Snack- Bananna
Lunch- Tinned mackerel and veg and a splash of tabassco. Pear, apple and clementine.
Dinner- chicken and tagliatelle with spicy tomato and veggie sauce.

I have drank lots of squash in work today instead of coffee.

So excited for wednesday :flirt2: first time ever!!



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Tuesday 10th January 2012

Morning all

Well today is a long day for me. Year 10 parents evening tonight. pfft!

Got to the gym last night. Did 30 mins cardio and some toning. Normally i would be doing double this but having been out the gym game for a month and a half best to ease back in slowly.

Today's plan...

Breakfast- 3 boiled eggs and tom ketchup (1 syn)
Snack- Bananna
Lunch- leftover spicy chicken and tomato tagliatelle
Dinner- not quite sure. Will edit later as I will be home late.

So this is my edit...

Dinner was- chicken and mixed veg including sprouts, carrots, broccili, cauliflower.

Pudding- muller light, pear and clementine. :)
Malteasers 9.5 syns
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Wednesday 11th January 2012 Weigh in day

So today is weigh in day. Normally I go to class at half 4 (i Weigh people) and then stay for the late class to help weigh until 6.30pm but I have to stay for INSET training until 6pm so can't get to group until the late class. It's going to be such a busy day so whether or not I stay to group i am not sure yet.

Rather anxious about tonight tbh. Really tried hard and don't want to be disappointed. But what will be will be I suppose. Just as long as i keep it up next week I will succeed! :D.

Todays plan...

Breakfast- porridge and bananna with honey (2 syns)
Snack- Bananna
Lunch- Chicken and veggies
Dinner- not sure yet.


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Thursday 12th January 2012

Well only lost 1.5lb was expecting alot more as I put everything into it, maybe it was the back to gym regime that shocked my body. Nevermind onwards and downwards....

Breakfast- 3 scrambled eggs ketchup (1 syn)
Snack- bananna
Lunch- Mugshot, pear, apple, clementine
Snack- 2x fridge raiders BBQ (6 syns)
Dinner- turkey stir fry and rice.


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Friday 13th January 2012

Hi all

So today was a friends birthday in work and he brought in cakes!!!! Ahh lol. But i thought ahh I will have but syn it up and I will be fine.


Breakfast- mini weetabix and milk
Snack- Bananna
Lunch - Ainsley Harriot spicy sensation cous cous (2 syns) 2 x thorntons small caramel shortcake (7 syns) and 1 weight watchers victoria sponge (5 syns)
Dinner- turkey stir fry

So today is 14 syns. :p At least I counted :cool:

There is a party at my house tomorrow for my housemates birthday. Not gonna drink. Think people may be disappointed but tough! :eek:

Went to the gym last night. Not tonight tho. So tired. Need to clean and then chillout!


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Sunday 15th January 2012

Morning all

So I didnt get chance to log on yesterday. Had a lovely day with the bf. Went for coffee and browsed shops. Lovely. :)

Last night there was a house party in my house it was my housemates bday party. I wasn't in the mood tbh. But i got dressed up ready and carried on the hard stuff... diet lemo and diet dandilon and burdock. LMAO. Didnt touch a drop of booze. As he is spanish it was an international night where his guests brought a dish from their part of the world. (He is a language asst in my school and so are his friends). So we had spanish dishes, chinese dishes, french and then good old pizza (italiain right?)

I was made up to see someone brought a poached salmon. So i had a nibble of that. But he bf and I both ate before so to try and avoid snacking too much. I did allow myself to have a nibble of the quiche and spanish omellete tho but they were ever so small pieces. Think im just gonna count 10 syns for the evening it might be more but im not worried. I am planning an angelic week between now and wi night anyway.

My main acheivement was tho no drinking thing. phew!

So yesterdays plan was
Breakfast- skinny breakfast from cafe (made up they do sw breakfasts)
Lunch- non as had breakfast late)
Dinner- pork chops, roasted veg and roasted small potatoes

Todays plan
Breakfast- bacon, 2 eggs, tomatoes and toast (b)
Lunch- Prob fruit and yoghurt as again had breakfast late.
Dinner- Scouse. yummy!

So I have a lovely day of ...... reading, chilling, reading and chilling :)

Happy Sunday everyone xx


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How did I forget to tell you this. My bf is taking me to away for valentines. He had kept the location a secret for months. But he revealed it this weekend. Edinburgh! Wahooo, always wanted to go there. So excited. So 4 wi's till our mini break. Must loose weight! xxxx


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Well done on the no drinking :D it shows just what you can do when you set your mind to it, and sod what anyone else says ;)


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How did I forget to tell you this. My bf is taking me to away for valentines. He had kept the location a secret for months. But he revealed it this weekend. Edinburgh! Wahooo, always wanted to go there. So excited. So 4 wi's till our mini break. Must loose weight! xxxx

Awwww that's so sweet of him :woohoo: