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niknaks slimming world tales~Booo remember me :P~


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Hello fellow minimins!

I joined this site last year and fell off plan in July when i went on holiday. However, I suppose the holiday never actually ended as i never came back or went to class! Eek. I managed to lose just under 2 stone but i reckon ive piled it all back on and maybe some more! urgh!

So ive decided to take the plunge and rejoin in January AGAIN! I have decided not to follow 100% til next week as I have plans for New Years eve. Saying that this week i have tried to make SW friendly meals. Today i even had weetabix for brekkie and a jacket with beans for lunch. Planning on having a green tea too...something with pasta. I haven't been an angel tho coz i had a munch on some terries orange chocolate this afternoon. But if its not there next week i wont be tempted lol!!

I dont really know why i fell off the wagon coz i really LOVE food optimising and trying new recipes! Just one of those stupid things ive done in my life i suppose...honestly i could kick myself! :cry:

I havent weighed myself yet.. but i will. Next week.

I am looking forward to feeling that sense of achievement again. Also looking forward to trying out those new recipes i spotted earlier in the recipe section!

Thanks for reading. See you in January!
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Ok my first day...
B 2 x weetabix and milk (a)(b)

L Moroccon Ainsley hariot cous cous 1 syn
Bananna, Orange, activia fat free yoghurt

D Quorn Saus, pasta and homemade sauce

Snacks- mug shot cous cous 1 syn
Drinks - Herbal Tea, Diet coke, 1/2 Litre water.


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Todays is an extra easy day.

B- Bacon, Quorn Sausages, egg, beans 1tsp brown sauce 1 SYN
L -Mug shot, Fridge Raiders chicken bites, 2.5 syns and oranges.
D - Chicken, Rice, Peppers, Red Onion, Tomatoes and tabassco sauce.

I think this is ok. Though i need to figure out what to have for my healthy extras. maybe cheese on toast for super later on? x


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I am so hungry so im going to write todays menu whilst my tea is cooking..

B - Quorn sausages, beans, egg, bacon bread heb Brown sauce 2 SYN
L - Mug shot cous cous (1SYN) bananna and orange
D - Few slices of Gammon joint with Sw chips, peas, broccoli and egg! YUMMY!

Had a few herbal teas, diet cokes and water today.

2 slices of corned beef 2 SYNS
3 laughing cow triangles 6 SYNS



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B- Weetabix (heb) milk (5syns) melon
L -Mug Shot melon, pepsi max
D - Pasta, homemade sauce (toms, sweetcorn, baked beans, kidney beans, onion, mushroom, pepper) with quorn sausages 28 g cheese (hea)

Ended up being absolutely starving come bed time as I ate so early (4pm) So had some gammon ham, 8 syns worth of cheese and some pickled onions. Bad I know but at least im couting it up!

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Grrr just got back from weigh in. Only lost 1 and a half. So annoyed. This is my first week! I never followed extra easy before and it seems to have really made my loss crappy! :( Im going to giv it another shot tho and add more salads!

Hopefully next week i'll get more off.

Having steak jacket and green beans tonight. Got some crisps too. yummy!


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Just planning my meals for the next few days so thought i'd scribble it down on here.

Tomro im going bk on GREEN
B - Weetabix (heb) milk (hea) banana
L - 57g morrisons eat smart reduced fat greek cheese (heb) salad
D - Pepper stir fry with egg noodles

Snacks- mug shot and fruit.

Now im stuck... might have to think about Fridays menu a little longer than planned. x


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Are you sure your eating enough?
Hi, I noticed you put only 1 syn for the ainsley harriot cous cous. I have a packet of cous cous (whole meal with roasted veg 110g tescos own) and entered all the details on the on-line syn calculator and it was 20 syn for the packet. I was shocked!!! Just check and make sure you are right with the syns.

Good luck for next week


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Use the slow cooker for the first time today- making chicken casserole. Smells delicious.

B- Bacon, egg, beans, 2 ww bread heb
L -Pea and ham soup and melon
D - Chicken casserole with sw roast potatoes and green beans.

Going to watch banger racing tomorrow which means i am gona need to pack a packed lunch.

B - Scrambled eggs and fruit.
L- packet ham, bacon lettuce and tomato butties
D- Left over chicken casserole veg and prob a jacket potato.

Hopefully All will go to plan! x


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I reckon you definately need to eat more! No wonder you're hungry!

I agree, you need to eat loads more. Eat lots of fruit as snacks during the day, I noticed you are mainly eating bananas and oranges, mix it up a bit, there is a long list of superfree fruit to choose from. Also I think you need to up your syns too. You're allowed up to 15 per day you should use them. :)

Pudgy Panda

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hi i agree you need to eat more and use syns - otherwise you may start to feel as if you are depriving yourself, i only ate 6 syns last week most days and was starting to get grumpy with SW i wised up and started eating more.

I am also having big bowls of fruit salad all the time - lots of it!!

good luck


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Today is a green day
B- Scrambled eggs with a dollop of tomato sauce (1 SYN)
l- Beans on toast (heb) melon
D- SW quiche with chips with HEA 42g cathedral cheddar light cheese.
Pudding -Fruit salad
Quavers 4.5 syns
250ml semi-skimmed Milk (hea)

Ive taken on board your advice and have been uping my intake lol. I'll prob have a mug shot for super later if i get hungry but tbh my portion sizes are quite big so dont always get hungry x