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nintendo wii


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hi all just to let you all know ive just got a nintendo wii with the sports pack hoping it will be kind of exercise as my treadmill got broken when i moved lol well we will see when i get weighed tomoz anyone else got any exercises that fit in with everything and can be done at home .:character00116::character00115::bliss:
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Wii Fitness is coming out too.. and it sounds really good.. i shall indeed be saving up for one.. and it works at scales too..

I was worried about the weight restriction on it.. but i think its about 25stone.. which is flipping brilliant..

Have fun with your wii.. careful not to let go on the control though. hehe

x x x x x


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S: 16st6lb
lol thanks kitteh, will be saving up for that one also never much liked playstations and such my boyfreinds got one to fiddly im more of a chuck myself about person doesnt feel like your doing much but the pain the day after lol .
Haha ive got one too, played with it for a month then forgot about it!

But i will be buying the new fitness thingy!

Ruthyx xx


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Lol me too ... i bought the boys one for christmas ...played on it more than them and its now forgotten about oops...just also bought some slendertone shorts (wonder how long they will last)


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Im busy reading reviews.. and trying to find out more.. basically the ones ive read in mags is how it works.. but i would be interested to know how it works weight loss wise..

I shall be back with info.. lol.. if i find it..

x x


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right.. all i can gather about weight loss so far is....

it weighs you.. and tracks you to your goal.. the downside is.. it says in reeed bold letters.. "OVERWEIGHT".. if you are.. lol..
My guess is.. it hasnt been around long enough.. to be tested for helping weight loss.. if you get me.. like.. its been designed to help us exercise more.. to be healthier.. which in turn can make us lose weight.. along with being fun..

it gives you things to do.. like.. yoga.. aerobic exercises.. games which involve exercise.. to make it fun.. yay.. hula hooping.. hehe.. helps us with muscle streching.. apparently theres jogging.. cant work out how this would work.. but if its there.. i guess it must.. lol.. ski jumping (sounds interesting).. step aerobics.. (which could be the same as aerobic exercises).. which involves stepping in time with the music that plays.. (can you tell i dont do reviews.. LOL).. push ups.. (this couldnt be fun.. could it)..

Basically.. i think it looks quite good.. and i think i will be investing in it.. if anyone wants to wait till ive got it.. used it for a week or something.. and i can give a proper review.. rather than having to piece together little bits and pieces.. hehe..

x x x
good on ya cat, well done on the research bit lol

Hubby and I bought one last Sunday,, plugged it in, played all the sports games and 6 and a half hours (and a few voddies lol) later we put it to bed. Next morning, I could hardly move, all the muscles in my upper arms, back and thighs were SCREAMING at me, took me till Thursday to really recover. So......I would say the sports pack works lol.


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Wii Fit is out on Friday. It's selling out already! it'll be around £69.99..

There was a review in the Nintendo Official Magazine. The man reviewing lost 3lb in a week :)

I can't wait! xx


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I've been trying to get hold of one, but all the sites that you can pre-order on are already sold out! I think it's going to be really difficult to get hold of for a while.

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I've got my name down on a list at HMV for one. They didnt really have many on their waiting list and this was in Manchester so I reckon if you really want one then hunt around and you'll find somewhere thats still got room on their pre-order list.

Argos wasnt taking any more pre-orders
Amazon wasnt either neither was game.

Good luck in finding one !


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just so you know.;. reviews arent always accurate.. Some esp one from the nintendo website itself.. LOL.. its best to search for independant reviews.. like people who have just done it for fun.. not to be put into a mag or anything..
which is why when i wrote that.. i looked at several different independant ones.. just to get the feel of it.. Michaels forever telling me not to believe what i read in reviews.. and to be honest.. he got a job working FOR nintendo.. he knows a hella lot more than me.. lol..

As for getting one..
Asda do NOT ask for pre orders.. and if you can get there at 12 on the night.. on thursday.. you could get one.. Cos they are 24hours.. they have to go on sale then.. lol.. we've cued up for plenty of games in the middle of the night at asda.. hehe.. and they dont over charge you or rip you off..

Had my wii since the day it was released.. god bless pre order.. but i know that everyone i know didnt get it until this christmas.. Its crazy.. I can see a lot of places maybe selling out of wiis recently.. due to wii fit coming out.. and mario kart.. so.. Try your very best to get one if you havnt.. cos they are AMAZING.. hehe.. even the sports pack.. the boxing.. what a blooming killer..

x x x
I love the WII but it went all down hill when is discovered you could play tennis sitting down:sign0007:

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