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no cheating competition


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I was wondering - what is the longest anyone here has honestly lasted on ss on this diet without cheating at all? Without even a tiny cake crumb or stolen chip.
Are there really people out there with superhuman willpower who have lasted from start to goal weight with only cd packs and water passing their lips? or is it normal to have a moment of madness a couple of weeks in and raid a biscuit tin before your mind registers what your mouth is doing?
I've only done 3 days so far, so i'm not breaking any records just yet!
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Well ive just switched to CD after 2 weeks on Lipotrim and i had a small cheat after 10 days (salad) x


Will be slim!!!!!!!
been on for 5 days now and no cheats so far and i dont intend to! i would rather get the weight off and then have nice treats when i want them without overindulging and feeling guilty xx


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I've done 18 weeks 3 days on SS with AAM every 5th week - no cheats!!!

Kj xx
49 days so far. Whats the point in cheating? It will only prolong the journey and make it harder to stay in ketosis (and its ketosis that makes it possible for me to do this as I'm simply not hungry - I think I would really stuggle on a WW or SW type diet.)
56 days so far, hoping to make it to week 11 completely SS :) which will hopefully bring me to BMI 25 :) after that I will be moving up the plans for the last 10lbs

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