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No more farts :)


After last week's crazy fart-a-thon I think I have discovered the source of my problem!!

It is either

  • Eating fruit before bed
  • Drinking cows milk
  • Having only green days
Because this week I changed to unsweetened soya milk, have only been eating fruit at breakfast time/morning snack and have been alternating red and green days.

I feel like i've done really well because with having one day red and one day green I haven't felt deprived of anything.

:) YAY!

p.s. hope everyone had a lovely halloween!!!
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hahaha I can see that people are reading your post but not replying so I thought I would...

Well done oN finding the sources of your wind problem hahahahaha!!

Also so very pleased that I am not your partner hahaha!

Keep up the great work and had you thought of your own wind powered turbine hahahaha could save so much money on electricity hahahaha... oops sorry don't mean to be cruel just found your post rather witty hahahaha.


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Bread... that's the gust generator for me. And if I don't eat things like chick peas, kidney beans, etc, for a while, then when I do eat them again... stand well back!! :eek:


Finding inspiration
S: 17st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 3st4lb(18.62%)
Oh my goodness... how could I forget the worst culprit of all... MUESLI. Even a small amount... Jeez. I think with just one serving for breakfast, come the afternoon I could probably launch myself into orbit!


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I've found since starting SW I fart sooo much less and when I have been off plan I notice the farting starts to increase again!
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EVERYTHING does it for me :( I just do it all day long :rolleyes:

Ive looked up if theres anything you can take to make them less, er, woofty :eek: but all the advice is either "eat less meat" (I hardly eat any anyway) or "eat less veg". Er, right... :rolleyes:

Any solutions for the wooftiness, throw it my way... Actually Im not that bothered as I cant smell them anyway, but the OH frequently goes green and passes out... :sigh:


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My first week on the diet, I felt like a puffed up balloon due to the dramatic change in what I was eating. This week I am much more settled however.
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Mines actually improved for some reason :)
Although I'm suffering terribly today after eating 5 scan bran yesterday

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