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No scales at my pharmacy!!


im gonna do it!
S: 12st13lb C: 12st8lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.76%)
Hey guys please help me out. am i the only 1 with this problem. the pharmacist that i go to for my lipotrim has said that there are no scales for me to get weighed at the moment!!! So whats the point??? he said he has asked for them but they havent arrived yet-im not getting enough support and the other paritcipating pharmacy is about 40 mins away!!! Please help-what shall i do?? :confused:
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Hi Saddia

I would phone the Helpline on the LT website and ask their advice. after all they are advertising these chemists as participating in their scheme. What do they mean they are "waiting" - why can't they just go out and buy some digital scales?

Alternatively I'd take my own and make them weigh me on them - we need to see what we are achieving or else this is pointless doing without food each week has to have some reward!!



Mad as a Hatter
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I don't see how they can participate in the scheme if they do not have the scales - how did they measure you to start with ?
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Hiya hun, I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life!! Do exactly as cabbez has said. We need to know how we are getting on each week, if ya have scales at home do a self weigh in this should get ya going!! But I would defintely report them!! Hope ya did well, take care
As everyone has said I would ring lipotri and ask them for advice xx


im gonna do it!
S: 12st13lb C: 12st8lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.76%)
Thanx guys for the brilliant advice. i dont know if ive done well or not coz to be honest ive not done it seriously last week!!!! i cheated a few times-i didnt fill in any forms or anything he just asked me basic questions about my health and wen i asked him about the weigh in he said to do it at home when i asked him the following week he said he was still waiting for them. i havent really got a choice coz like i said the other pharmacy is far.


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I can't believe they're running a weightloss prog and don't have scales to measure your progress. :confused:

My pharmacy measures blood pressure, body fat, pulse etc as well as weight and you get a nice printout to keep showing your progress so far.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer before he gets some scales in, but in the mean time i would definately call the LT helpline. I'm sure they'd a little bothered by the fact they haven't got the tools for the job so to speak. They may well get onto him which may hurry him up.

Meanwhile, DON'T CHEAT! :D Do it to the letter or you may as well not do it hun. I think the lack of scales isn't helping with your motivation is it? x


im gonna do it!
S: 12st13lb C: 12st8lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.76%)
hey Bing! thanks ur right im not gettin any of that i didnt even know they would check body fat etc!!!! i feel really cheated now. i have got onto the main people and they will chase him up but not sure i wanna go back there now. im gonna find another 1.

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