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Nooby questions that hopefully you guys can answer


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Hey all this is my first post on this so far helpful site. I just have some questions that hopefully can be answered. I just want to know what happens at the first meeting and then the ones after that etc. Like what actually happens with the weigh ins? Is it a group thing? Do you do it on your own in a room etc.? Also what happens with the photos and all the measurement thingys? Are they taken as a group too? What do i actually need to start? Also when the management stage begins is there a price for that too??
Ta very much Grevo
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Hi Grevo --- before your first meeting you would usually (though not always) have been to meet your counsellor and watched a dvd about LighterLife, he/she would also then give you a form that has to be filled in by your GP before you can start - if you don't see your LLC they can post the form out to you.

When you go to your first class you take your form and £66 which is how much LL is per week. When you get there you'll meet the group of men or women that you'll be in with --- women do foundation of 100 days, not too sure how long it is for men.

The first meeting can seem a bit chaotic as your LlC will take you all out one bye one and weigh you, measure your bust/chest, waist and hips and also take your photograph (front and side angle) - they will take your photo again at the end of foundation so you can see the difference.

While everyone is getting weighed and measured the rest of the group will just chat amongst themselves, then when everyone is done you'll all watch a short dvd and then if there's time have a counselling session.

Your measurements are taken approx every 4-6 weeks so you can see how and where you're losing from.

After foundation if you still need to lose more you go on to Development, you can stay there for as long as you need. You then go on route to management where the price of the class goes down depending on the number of packs you're having a day. You go down to 3 and then 2 and then down to 1 so it gets cheaper each time.

Hope this has helped ---- when is your first class - any idea?


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S: 24st2lb C: 23st4lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 0st12lb(3.55%)
Hey thanks for the reply, was very helpful ta. Hmm soz for the kinda silly questions just i like to know whats happening before i do something if you get me lol So basically i need to organise some sort of meeting with my LLC or get her to post the forms through the post. Then i need to take this form to the Doctors and get him to sign it, why is this? So when the weigh in takes place after 3 weeks or whatever is this like a group thing? Also just out of interest are the scales the special ones where you have to remove your socks (BMI ones or something) or are they just normal ones?? So after the 10 weeks of foundation, you go onto management which is still using some of the foodpacks??
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It is a requirement of the diet that you are in good health- hence the pre-exam. You are then required to have a Blood pressure and pulse check every four weeks. It is to make sure you are staying healthy and not at any risk on such a low calorie diet. :)

You do not have to take your shoes of for the scales - but they are not normal household scales.
You get given the forms to take to the docs, no need to post them, and as for the weigh in. They are done in private (in our one anyway) and we dont have to discuss them in anyway if we dont want to, but we always do. Then we have our sit down with coffee and go through the course for that week. Normally last's about an hour or so, there is only me and another guy in our group so it's quite a laugh.
I never had a photo taken at the beginning from my LLC! I have only had about 2-3 counselling sessions in the 5 months that I started! Not too bothered about that anymore, did from teh beginning but not now! Plus I am not part of a group, there is only myself and my friend (Who is on RTM)!

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