Nooo...I've stalled


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Hi guys, I'm new here. :)

I have been on Dukan for about a month and lost weight like never before in the my life. But for the past week I've stopped losing- any tips on how to get it moving again? It's hard to stay motivated when nothing seems to make a difference.

I've heard something about cutting down your dairy even more of something? How do I feed my sugar fix if I don't have dairy? (Usually I add Dukan flavouring and splenda to yoghurt).

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Morning, it's difficult to advise without knowing a little more about your current weight/height, and what you have been eating on Dukan. How much fat free dairy do you usually eat per day? (in Oz, is your dairy "fat free" or "low fat"?). Dukan flavouring and splenda to fat free plain yoghurt is good but dairy is limited to 1K per day, all included, and for most (myself included) that's too much for a steady loss as we near target. Are you alternating PP and PV days? Getting some exercise each day?

So give us some details, and we'll get back to you! Often people find that simply changing menus somewhat helps.


S: 10st9lb C: 9st8.2lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st0.8lb(9.93%)
Hi, thanks for your reply!

I started at 67 kgs, and I am now sitting on 64- true weight is 59. I guess in a typical day I eat the oat bran galette for brekkie with a little bit of chicken, a soup for lunch (stock cube, tofu + veggie on PV days) and then a dinner of a protein (fish, chicken etc with veggies on PV day). During the day I usually have some diet soft drink, a few yoghurts and quite a bit of coffee I guess which has sweetener and a slurp of skim milk in it.

The yoghurt I have is a greek no fat version ( I got caught out by accidently buying the low fat one in the beginning but have corrected since then).

I'm going to try to cut out the yoghurts to decrease my dairy- but I will have to find something else to deal with the in between meal cravings (definitely have a sweet tooth over here)!


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sugar free jelly has been my life saver throughout - I literally couldn't have done it without!!


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Looks Ok to me but I'm not an expert! If anything, are you sure you are eating enough protein? Apart from cutting back on the dairy, do you think it would be worth trying snacking on chicken pieces, prawns, crabsticks or biltong in between meals to fill the gap?

If you really must go for sweet, I found sugar free jellies a real life saver - one for pudding at lunch and dinner really 'finished' the meal nicely for me. Max of 3 a day is the percieved wisdom, I think.

I'm not much of a baker, but a lot of people find the oatbran biscuits & muffins fill the sweet snack gap as well.

One thing that was also suggested when I stuck for a while was to limit the vegetables on PV day to 1/3veg : 2/3 protein. Because I love all vegs, this was a bit of a challenge, although I found that green or leafy veg were the best - spinach, cabbage, brocoli, sprouts, kale etc.

But sometimes there its difficult to see reasons why stalling - and it will probably cure itself. Also, it may be water retention (too much salt?) Are you losing inches still? My stall was only on the weight front, the inches kept on dropping :)

The way I looked at it, even staying the same weight has got to be better than increasing, and a 3 kg loss averaged out over 4 weeks, however slow, is still a loss! Well done, you must be doing something right!


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Chances are, if you slowed down a bit for the the first time in 4 weeks its just "Time of the Month", when you tend to naturally retain more water than usual.

If this is the case you are probably still losing "real" weight underneath the water gain, and will see the drop in a few days time.


S: 10st9lb C: 9st8.2lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st0.8lb(9.93%)
Mmmm I think I will definitely get onto the SF jelly!

Hopefully it's the time of the month thing (hadn't thought of that at all- Thanks Atropos!). I'll keep weighing and see!


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It must be it.
Also try to reduce the salt.
Change the water you're drinking (if you are drinking mineral water).