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North Easties

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by MissThomas, 1 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Hi everyone, after speaking to a few people on different threads from around and in the north east, we decided to set up a little group :) welcome!!! Xx
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  3. How Soon Is Now

    How Soon Is Now Tahlula Bandanna :D

    Mint! ill pop a post on the old thread with the URL to this one so everyone knows where it is!

    i cant believe how many people that thread found! hopefully most of them will jump into this thread.

    So todays your day 1 Jo? What are you going for? red and green or extra easy?

    im going to start from tomorrow (which is my class day) even though i have been doing a little bit of a pre diet diet ;) i have not been weighed yet in an attempt to soften the blow at my first weigh in!

    im not 100% sure how the teams work in the SW section of the forum in Cambridge they compete with the other teams by adding together the teams total weight loss in % for each week, ill think ill peruse the stickys a bit :p

    - Erin
  4. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Hi Erin, not sure how the other teams work but we could definitely put a team effort in and compete against another team!

    First day today, I got down to 12.2 in November after doing 10 days of the master cleanse... Just needed a quick win before Xmas but the cravings were too much and I'm really looking forward to eating home cooked food again!

    Weighed myself today and I'm 12.12 had a good day although i had a lie in and I've had a few wines... Will put my syns on tomorrow....

    What about you Erin? Xx
  5. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Totally missed the first part of ur question. I'm going to do a mix, today was EE, I have put a food diary on and will keep updating because I'm hoping the shame will help me not cheat lol x
  6. aesir22

    aesir22 Silver Member

    Hello north-easties lol. Live near Darlington so thought I'd pop by :)
  7. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Ah ha... Found it... :)

    Good job Erin now let's kick butt...!!!
  8. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Hello... hows it going? x
  9. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Hi Slim, Hows the diet going? x
  10. How Soon Is Now

    How Soon Is Now Tahlula Bandanna :D

    what! i defiantly posted here last night and its totally not here lol ><

    oh well i cant remember what i said!! somthing along the lines of that i always do green days cos im a vegetarian :p

    Hey Brothers & Aesir! Welcome! :D

    by the way has any1 every heard about the SW Smash Pizzas?? My sister made me one today and OH MY GOD they are amazing! at first i was like....say what...smash? but i swear if you bored on the weekend and have a box of smash handy you have to try it!

    they are actually nice :S it didnt really taste like a diety imitation pizza it just tasted home made!

    there is a thread about them here with some pics>> http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-recipes/160157-sw-free-smash-pizza-2.html

    my sis made ours with Mr Mash, pasata with garlic in and light babybels grated on the top with onions/peppers/chillis. so luuush!

    so anyways! how far is everyone into SW? somes newbies some restarters? some half way through-ers?

    im a restarter :break_diet:

    - E x
  11. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Just been to asda, bought some smash... bases are in the oven as I type... :D x
  12. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    :( im on a red day... that means no smash for me.. wonder if I can change now?!?
  13. How Soon Is Now

    How Soon Is Now Tahlula Bandanna :D

    i suppose it depends what youve eaten already today xD

    how did it work out?!

    i read somewhere that smash might be some syns but Mr Mash is free? maybe its free on all im not 100% sure though but both work fine on the base!

    im going to try and make one myself tomorrow and see if it works out as well as my sisters xD plus i think the garlic she put on mine was still raw when i ate it lol ><
  14. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Worked out lush! Had tuna, sweetcorn and spinach on it was lush! Just used tinned toms and put a bit of chilli in! Used the rest of the smash to make a quiche so got that for lunch today. Will try see how many syns at lunchtime and edit my food diary :(
  15. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Its going ok thanks... Had a wobble on NYE but thats been it up to now... Well apart from 2 pints yesterday... :)

    How was the New Year for you...?
  16. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    Im a seriel dieter... Tried allsorts over the years... Originally lost 5 stone but put half back on over the last few years due to laziness...

    Have tried WW with success but now its SWs turn..
  17. Hi, just seen the link to the group. I live in Prudhoe, Northumberland, and tonight is my weigh night, after a WHOPPING gain over Christmas. Its a start again job! Re: the Smash pizza bases, we were told in our group that we had to syn them, as they were being used in a different way than they were intended for, like you have to syn cous cous if its in a cake! Seems a bit mad to me
  18. Brothers Slim

    Brothers Slim Full Member

    I don't get that...? That's ridiculous... Well i'm going to count them as Syn Free until I get officially told otherwise...

    That's like counting Beans as Syns using them in soups, cakes, pate etc because that's not their original intended way of eating...

    MADNESS...!!! :mad:
  19. How Soon Is Now

    How Soon Is Now Tahlula Bandanna :D

    oh yeeea i heard about that. same with fruit juices and smoothies...like if you smoothy fruit up into mush you have to point it cos its easier to digest or something and it makes it more calories or sugar or...blah blah i cant remember xD

    i didnt know that about the smash though :O damn!

    @Brothers -yea im a serial dieter aswell tbh xD a rerererererererestarter! done WW, Cambridge, SW eeerm...and stupid ones like cabbage soup (vomit) SW is defo the best so far!

    im glad you pizza worked jo! my sis made something else today which was MAD nice! its like... a curry loaf...it sounds weird and gross i know. but its like a tin of asda chickpea curry mixed up with some like packet chicken flavour rice then baked in a bread tin when it comes out it cuts like break and is kiiinda like onion bhaji but more chickpeaish.

    if anyone wants the recipe ill get it proper off my sis but its meant to be a picky savoury snack and its omnomnom!

    its my first day back at work tomorrow and im not prepared at all! might have to nip home and whip up a pasta in sauce >< doh. i truly believe the worst thing you can be on SW is unprepared xD

    why are my posts always epicly long!
  20. MissThomas

    MissThomas Full Member

    Forgot my lunch today! Have 2 bananas and an Alpen in my draw...... PANIC!
  21. aesir22

    aesir22 Silver Member

    If you ate ten oranges you'd feel full. If you juiced them you'd get less than a pint of liquid, and that wouldn't fill you for very long at all so the juice is synned. The food abuse rules are often based around how filling the food is, and how likely you are to not pick at more food later.

    That being said, if smash pizza fills you I'd not be worried about synning the base, but thats just me.

    First karate lesson tonight. Absolutely terrified lol!!!

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