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Not feeling great... any advice?


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The past few weeks I haven't felt too great to be honest. Keep getting headaches, feeling sick. Had a few dizzy spells, but they seem to have disappeared. Been soooo tired lately, beyond normal for me. Not had much of an appetite either, have struggled to eat everything I'm meant to on 1000, and actually struggle lately, with eating much of anything.

But then tonight I'm feeling worse. I feel pretty warm, shorts and strappy top, and still feeling pretty warm! Achey back. Headache, feel a bit sick on and off.

I have an underactive thyroid which may explain the tiredness, not sure about the rest though. But anyway, CD while ill... should I carry on with it? I'm guessing it's probably fine, I'm on 1000 not SSing anyway. And I'm not sure I could actually eat more food! But just wondering if anyone has any advice. Should I take extra vitamins or anything, or just carry on as normal until it passes?
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Hi, are you takin in enough water? if so , have you tried upping the intake to another 1-2 litres...can help with headaches especially

I'd personally seek medical advice on dizzy spells & headaches its not normal and feeling sick isnt nice either

Hope you feel better soon x

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Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. It sounds like you might be coming down with a touch of flu rather than anything diet induced. Take yourself off to bed with paracetamol and plenty of fluids.
Hope you feel better soon.


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You're right, I don't think it's anything diet induced, just wondered whether the diet would slow getting over it. I'm drinking as much water as I can and usually hit the the 2.25 litres, but not sure I could actually drink more than that. I struggle with the water to be honest. I probably should see a doctor really, mainly for the headache dizzy stuff. Though dizzy is a lot better now. But headaches I get quite a lot. I'll give them a call next week I guess.

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Poor you, there are so many bugs going around hun. I've not been feeling great this week either. I fell asleep on the sofa today when i've loads to be doing. i feel like I'm under the weather. My cdc once said to take vitamins. I used to take them prior to CD...vit b is really good and a multi vit too.

Hope you're feeling better soon. I think i'm eating the food you're not :) xxx


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Hope you feel better soon

I'm on SS and whilst on CD I generally feel tired - I also get a lot of migraines, feeling sick and dizzy spells - though this tends to be worse around my TOM. I tend not to stand up too quickly too or I end up on my arse



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I think it's always a good idea to seek some medical advice if you're feeling really under the weather. If you don't want to go in to your GP you could always give NHS direct a call, they've been pretty good when I've spoken to them in the past. Hope you're back on form soon!


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This might be a little O/T but is there a possibility you could be pregnant? Some people have the symptoms you're describing in the first part of pregnancy...just a thought...! :s


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Just wanted to send big hugs hon.. take a warm bubble bath and have an early night.. If it carries on perhaps pop to the doctor but I am sure the first thing they will say is come of the cambridge......
big hugs x


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Haha no not pregnant... unless it's a miraculous conception!! My mum even said that and I was like yeah well you know I don't do one night stands, and I certainly don't have a boyfriend, so I don't think so some how! ha

I think it's just some bug or something, I dunno. I'm going to try some vitamin tablets, if in a week I still don't feel great, I'll go to the doctor. I have to go see my nurse anyway.


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Aww hope you feel better soon Caroline <<hugs>>

Sounds like a bug, but I'd use it as an excuse to do nothing! Get someone to buy you some good magazines, sit in bed and sip a lovely choc tetra - my idea of heaven :)
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my first thought was pregnant but as you obviously can't meIwold guess it must be some sort of viral thing.


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Hope your feeling better this morning Caz.



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Ah Caroline, hope you feel better soon, I would just take it day by day, don't want you to get ill! There are lots of buge going around at the moment (like my bowel troubles hahaha) sometimes I feel dizzy and the weather has been warm recently.

Maybe speak to your practice nurse ?


Slimming down the aisle
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Yeah I need to go and see her anyway, so I think I'll talk to her and see what she says. Just got to remember to make an appointment! I'm terrible with actually going to the doctors!

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