Not investigating other diets


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Before I decided on CD I have read about most other diets that could have helped and decided on CD.

Now nearly a week into it, I have found I tend to shy away from reading the other forums or anything about the other diets and that is probably because let's face it, reading about counting calories "even in chocolate" is not helping you down your cocoa shake and reading about the vast amounts of meat in the Atkins is bound to make my chicken soup uneatable.:8855:

What's even funnier is that I don't get the same reaction of food lust when thinking of regular food but other diets!

Anyone else get this?
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I have to admit I enjoy reading the other diet threads, I feel like I'm window shopping :D. And while reading their threads I thank the Lord that I found CD or right now I'd still be struggling with calories/points/syns plus I'd be a good 2-3 stone heavier than I am now :)


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I do too and i have been buying WW magazine etc to read the success stories as to me losing weight is losing weight (i also like to stare at the wonderful food too :) )