Not red, not green, not right?


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Sometimes my days aren't red or green, for example:

Breakfast- fruit, muller light

Lunch - omelette & salad

Dinner - butternut soup, cottage cheese quiche with veg in and next to it

Snacks - milk for tea (A),lots of fruit, cherry tomatoes, 2 Alpen lights (b), curly whirly

In this case I'd normally have another 'b' choice before I go to bed just to make sure I'm being healthy. But a friend of mine said I should always have something to define the day else I'm doing it wrong?? What do you think? x
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I don't think it matters to have days like this and there's no need to eat something extra just for the sake of 'defining' the day.
The day above could be EE if you don't add another HEB. If you do add another HEB it could be either red or green, so you are on plan.
Some days I've had have just worked out like that too, I wouldn't worry about it at all.
I would say though that your food is a bit samey - having eggs for lunch and dinner. A bit more variety would be better.