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not sure i can take anymore ..

Ok after a really good start , i have finally hit a wall, tomorrow is my 2nd WI and i feel like crap ..i have no energy at all, i fell asleep at work today ( i work with kids) i feel sick everytime i stop moving, i have hunger pains ( although not actually hungry) please tell me it gets better because at the moment i feel like im going to fail ..and i have always been a water drinker but now im beginning to hate water ....what can i do
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Sorry to hear you are feeling like this Daisy, maybe you need to start splitting your shakes and this might keep the hunger pangs away. I know what you feel about the pangs when you are not hungry. Have you tried having earlier nights and relaxing a bit more?

Fingers crossed you have a really good WI tomorrow and you benefit from this. Try talking to the Pharmacist tomorrow and see if they can recommend anything for your energy levels.

All the best, hopefully you can stick to it hun.
thankshun .. i really nearly gave up today ..good job im so bloody head strong other wise i would have i was thinking about splitting shakes , just hard at work though ..
i was thinking about asking to try the flapjacks just so in my head i knew i was eating but a few friends have told me not to ?
You could always try 1 flapjack just to see how it goes. We all differ in our tastes and what we like, and at least it would give you that chewing motion.

Just try and get over the bad days and the following day is not so bad. I could easily have given up last night, but I am so glad today that I didnt.

Just come on here anytime you feel like you need support.
I might even consider trying 1 flapjack myself next week.
yes i know what you mean , if i give up now i will feel like im letting myself down especially after only 2 weeks , putting myself through this for nothing !!

yes will speak to my pharmasist tomorrow and ask about the flap jacks
hey there, i kind of hit a wall around the same time as you. It will pass i promise, i think it takes us a little while to adjust.

I reckon after your 2nd weigh in you will feel a lot better :D

Try the flapjack - i warn you though they aren't great! lol, but if you need to eat, chew, or even just eat on the go then they are really handy :)
I love the peanut flapjack!! I have it with a cup of tea either at lunch or at nighttime if i cant be bothered making my last shake.. I eat it little bit by little bit and in the end its actualy like having a nice flapjack or buscuit;.. you have to make sure you up your fluids if you are eating them as the contain no water.. I find it I have one say, three or four times in a week I actually feel like I have ate something.. worth a go... dont give up, there is gonna be bad days and good.. but persevere hun xx
peanut and coconut. I hate coconut xx
Hi Daisy
I felt exactly like you do when I was on week 3. I even told the chemist that this was going to be my last week. Anyway I got through it and so glad I did. Just remember have loads of rest and try and look after yourself and you will soon be feeling better.:)
It must be a 3 week thing because I was the same yesterday, nearly caved in, today I am a lot better, but still not quite as good as I was a few days ago.
I think I will try one of each of those flapjacks, might be the odd one and actually like them.
I thought that too kered. You have to try it yourself as everybodys taste is different. I hated the flapjack. I nibbled all day on it and still only managed to have less than a quarter of it. I even gave all my family a try and still couldnt get rid of it. LOL. Mind you some people actually like them. I thought it tasted like a bad oxo cube. Some people say they are like cardboard I wish they did because I think I could have managed that it was the strong flavour that put me off. Any way go for it lol.:)
Daisy keep going. can can do it!!!You've just gotta keep thinking of how your going to feel when you get to your goal weight. This diet is far from easy but i tell you what, it will be bloody worth it in the end!!!
Kered, good luck with the flapjacks!!!!Binger is right, everyone has different tastes, but i thought they were horrendous. I was actually sick after taking a chunk out of the coconut one!!!!but i hope you like them coz it is a bit of variety xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Daisy - don't give up - I find that when I am having hunger pangs some flavoured tea like Peppermint Tea helps, I have a really sweet tooth so I have sweetner in it - you have to make sure its the sweetner tablets though rather than the powder. That also apparently helps with constipation too! I

I am getting weighed in early this week as I have to go to England but my clothes feel much looser even since Monday when I had my first weigh in! good luck everyone.


Team 1 all the way!
yes i know what you mean , if i give up now i will feel like im letting myself down especially after only 2 weeks , putting myself through this for nothing !!

yes will speak to my pharmasist tomorrow and ask about the flap jacks
Daisy, I have 4 flapjacks left over as I have switched to Cambridge.
Would you like me to send them to you?
I know exactly how you feel, as on my 1st weigh in day, I felt horrendous. Sicky, sleepy, and so grumpy. I got a flapjack and actually quite liked it. It gave me a boost and so I went back and got some more to have as lunch in work.
Unfortunately, by the Thursday, I was sick of them- they were repeating on me and I was back to how I had felt on the weigh day...only worse.
So I rang Cambridge woman and switched. I am finding this so much better. They also do a water flavouring that has been a life saver! Tastes just like orange squash.
Good luck and let me know if you want the flapjacks! :wave_cry:
Hiya hun, It does get easier and sorry that ya have hit a rough time like this, maybe after your second wi, it may help. At the start i was like this as well but then I got used to it, i wasnt thinking about it anymore. Hope your weigh in is good and may it keep ya on the right track.
I am sorry you are feeling like this but I will say that I think everyone has gone through this at some time and coming on the board was the right thing.I keep on say to my DH every sat I am fed up am going to come off it but I just come on here and it helps lots.
Daisy, I wonder if you have a bug? (especially working with children). My two pick up every bug going at school, and they always kindly pass them on! It may not be totally down to the lipotrim, just a thought.

You have done so well so far, if you wrapped it in now, it would have all been for nothing :(

Keep reading the posts on here, everytime i feel a disheartened (or just plain hungry!)...I read on here.

Take care and good luck xx

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