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not to sure now !!!


weighs a lot less
well i decided that whilst i was on LT i was gonna stop smoking,i couldnt see the point of losing the weight just to munch it back on as i dont wanna be a smoker forever.I had one cig yesterday,i tried cold turkey and it was a knightmare so when i got up in the middle of the night for the loo i stuck a patch on.So far today i havent had any cravings,dont get me wrong i could do with one but i feel like crap,do you think i have taken too much on in one go,i feel really hungry and i havent before now,please feel free to nag xx
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To be honest hun yeah it prob is too much at once! Quitting will just make you want to eat and vice versa but a def think you should quit..just maybe not yet! Sorry i would love to nag but not going to xxx


weighs a lot less
the patch has made my arm swell up too,i really dont know what to do


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Its down to the individual Lill some people can do both and others cant, its a choice thats down to you. But good luck and I think you can do both.
Heres a thought, nobody seems to have a problem stopping smoking and putting weight on, so I dont see why you cant do the opposite!
As a heavy(dont mean fat lol) ex smoker, I found it the easiest thing in the world and I just wish a I had have done it earlier.
And you nag as much as you want, thats what we are here for;) xxxxxxxxx


fightin the fat !
Hi girls ! I quit in Jan used patches for about 2 weeks then lozenges..i had to stop the lozenges the day i started this (last week) i would say give it a few days.. its just like with lipo it gets better every day.. if u can manage u would have to wean off the patches because u cant have gum/lozenges which many ppl dont anyway... i put over 2 stone on when i quit smoking.. so although it may seem hard now u might have to lose weight again after u quit... very tough to do all at once yes but it depends which way u want to play it... see how u go.. it really does get better everyday on the patches tho... xx


fightin the fat !
sorry garry bout the hi girls ...never seen ur post when i wrote that !! xx


fightin the fat !
my arm slightly swelled and was itching like hell the first few patches...it calmed down tho..just remember to change the place u put the patch everyday


weighs a lot less
right im gonna take it one day at a time and see how it goes,can you be allergic to the patches ?


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S: 15st8lb
the patch has made my arm swell up too,i really dont know what to do
hi lil
those patches are not good for you at all...u can do it without them.im a social smoker which s code for someone who smokes when extremely drunk,however i was a heavy smoker for ten years+or so.am off them 2 years but went back to 2 a day when i joined lt,i needed something haha am off them again,i found when i had the patches,my breathing was off,alot heavier,i developed a rash where the patch was.and was quite queezy,becareful on them.go cold turkey its safer.its like dieting gets easier as time goes on.stray strong good luck


weighs a lot less
thanks everyone ,im gonna leave the patch on for now and see how it goes,im not quitting quitting,if i can stop eating then i should be able to stop the fags xx


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I tried to give up a few weeks back whilst SSing, it was a total nightmare! I could not stick to SS, so initially trying not to lose weight, just to maintain, I ended up gaining almost a stone in 5 weeks! Needless to say I am smoking again (but a lot less now, more on a "need" basis rather than a "want" basis) and i have lost 8 lbs in 10 days! Its a very personal decision hun, and depends if your head is in the right place or not. Good luck with whatever you decide x x x


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Hey hun - im in the process of giving up the fags - i did give up before tfr but I use the nicorette microtabs - they are ok to use on the diet and dont affect weight loss. Also they have a plus side on this diet - if your feeling like fancying food just pop one in your mouth and hunger and cravings are gone.

Im down to about 4 a day now. Not bad from 15 when I started tfr.


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I stopped smoking last July but used the paul McKenna CD (got it from QVC) and apart from not knowing what to do with my time for the first couple of weeks, I'd say it was a great way to quit.
I've tried patches in the past.
I've heard of some people quitting cigs and food together and the theory is the hard part is over in the first couple of weeks so take the pain.
I think its mostly about where your head is at the time and whether you are feeling strong enough to do it.
Good luck to you.
I would wait Lil, its a lot to cope with plus this diet.
If you can do this diet you can give up smoking, I'm an ex smoker. At least when you come off the diet you can snack on carrots etc, while your having cravings.
humm this is a tough one, im a smoker and did also think about trying to do both but then decided to wait until i was closer to my goal then having a go, i think youve got the benefit of watching your weight if you do it now but at the moment i use the fags to kick the habit of emotional eating so for me i cant have it both ways, you know yourself better than anyone but at the end of the day, give it a try, might be easier than you think and at least its going to be in a controled way weight wise, best of luck wat ever you decide. Saying all that, im still astounded ive been able to go without normal food for over a week, never thought i could do that so maybe proves we are stronger than we think, if we can do LP!!!!!!


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I never smoked but am married to one.....so know how stressful it can be giving up.....best of luck with whatever you decide.....


weighs a lot less
well the day is nearly over(im having an early night) and i havent had a cig at all today i reckon i can do this but one day at a time eh xxx


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Well done hun....one day at a time! I think you are wonderful doing the two together, but on the bright side, you'll be lovely and slim and smoke free for the Summer and with all the money you save on cigs you can treat yourself to some new clothes. x


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Well done Lil you can do it hun xxx
Why is everyone showing their bellies ,have i missed something???? does this mean i have to get my big wobbly one out??? yuh what a thought!lol
(I must update my ticker).

I think that you seem to have mastered the diet so well and obviously have amazing willpower so I think anything is possible. Go for it Lillie , take it a day at a time.

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