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Nothing has moved!

Hi everyone!

Im feeling unhappy today, i have not moved on the scales since sunday!:mad: like not even a quarta this has never happened before!
the only thing i have changed is i am drinking 6 litres of water a day compared to last week i was drinking 4.5l, is 6 too much? its not totm or anyfn!
AND im going out for a meal for my dads bday 2mz and i had every intention to be good now however as the scales have not moved at all! i feel like eating whatever i want!

HELP! y have they not moved?

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Try not to worry. I went through this last week. Scales didn't move for about 6 days then 3lbs off all of a sudden. You can't fail to lose weight if you're doing the diet properly and it'll come off eventually.



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That happens sometimes, just be patient. Tomorrow you could get on the scales and be a couple of lbs lighter. Its happened to me twice actually.
Big hugs hun, the scales WILL move if you're sticking to it, i remember 1 week my scales said i'd actually gained 4lbs then hen i went to CDC's i'd lost 5lbs lol so it really is worth sticking to it!!!


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My scales are stuck too.... This happened to me before & I made a poor poor choice and thought what a waste of time, I'm not 'suffering' like this for no losses & I ate, then ate then ate a bit more!

THIS TIME - the scales aint moved - they'll move next week or later in the week.... I could be retaining water, I could have a few nasty nasty stubborn fat cells that need to be attacked before the next ones can be melted!

There is no way that you will not get the losses you need but week on week your losses will fluctuate, which will give you your overall averages!

TRY not to compare yourself to everyone else, Iknow its hard but you know if your doing it right - IT WILL WORK!

Thank you everyone

I will have a add a meal type nite 2moz for my dads birthday rather than blow it all completly, you have made me all feel better and made me realise that i have 5 days till my weigh in and if im gd 2mz at the meal i WILL lose wait!:)
This is exactly the reason why I don't keep getting on the scales - see the thread 'Serial Scale Hopper'.

It just ruins my SS head if I get on the scales and they haven't moved. Try weighing yourself less and letting your body average your weight loss out.

Good luck and don't give up!!!
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I've just had a week like this, on the last day I lost 2lbs, which admittedly isn't as much as usual, but had I have thought sod it, I'll eat something, I wouldn't have lost anything, or even worse, put weight on. Stick to it, your body will catch up sooner or later x

Corinne x
It's my week 3. Last week's weight loss really slowed down, now it's totally stopped. I'm on SS, drinking my water and haven't cheated once. I'm trying to keep positive and I'm sure things will move again, but it is quite challenging keeping my spirits up. Oh phooey.:sigh:


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Im feeling unhappy today, i have not moved on the scales since sunday!:mad:
If you lose a lot of weight fast your body naturally holds onto more water so although the scales aren't moving you're still losing fat but holding onto water. You're probably still losing inches though. Try not to weigh yourself every day.

Hey all

Well i wrote this thread last week, and today i got bak on the scales and guess what! NOTHING! NOTHING!:mad:

the scales havent moved and ive got my weigh in 2mz!

im soooo angry i cod cry!:tear_drop:

anyone else still having this problem?


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