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O/T - Anyone watching one born every minute?


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Just watching last 5 minutes of it!!

That poor girl was petrified having a c section bless her! An the other woman.. I wouldnpunch my husband of he was like that lol

oh no! i missed it, will watch it online.... got a text from my friend she was on Sally Morgan so watched that for her being on for a milli-second, haha!! and was recording biggest loser :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Is it a series? Oli :D
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All I can say is what a kn*obhead.

How anyone would let him near enough to impregnate them beggars belief :eek: Plus, your 18 year old son in the delivery suite???? Is he going to WANT to impregnate anyone in the future????

Must say I did find the programme a bit disappointing. There was no narration so that may have made is seem a bit 'lacking'.

Wonder how the receptionist managed to get that job :rolleyes: ..... dreadful!!


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The husband and the son would have been kicked out of the room if they were in with me. Or I'd have grabbed on to their goolies so they could feel an equal amount of pain and asked "Who's laughing now, hmmm?" LOL!


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i didn't watch it. i want to remain in some kind of denial, ha. but i have heard about it. i wonder if the son wanted to be there or whether he was kind of forced to be there. i don't particularly see anything wrong with him being there, but can't understand really why he'd WANT to be... and from the sounds of things the husband sounds like someone who should be punched out!!

abz xx
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I would have killed the pair of em! Why the son was there beats me even if he wanted to be there as a mother I wouldn't want my 18 year old child see me endure childbirth.

Why make the decision for the husband to have the snip then decide a few years later she wanted her another baby, can't believe her had it reversed and when that didn't work they went on to have IVF.


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He was a right prat but she was a bit of a tit too I thought :rolleyes:
I am kinda scared about actually giving birth now though!
just watched it, all i can say is what a family of kn*bs!!! He was PC Plum and she was just as bad, who the hell would want 1 let alone 4 kids with him. Must be his normal behaviour. The poor girl Lisa, my heart went out to her, her poor little baby and her OH hardly muttered a word!! Makes you realise how lucky we are to have the men in our lives we do!
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He was a right prat but she was a bit of a tit too I thought :rolleyes:
I am kinda scared about actually giving birth now though!

Try not to worry, I remember watching a tv programme when I was pregnant with my first, Omg this woman was in a birthing pool and she was screaming like hell. I was terrified and said to my DH I can't go through that! lol a bit late I was about 7 months gone at the time. Everyone is different and have to say all 3 of my births were fine yes it was sore but not to the extent that I was screaming and I only used gas and air.

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