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O/T - Fashion

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Hi Everyone!

I was just wondering is anyone on here into 'Fashion' or do you dress for your shape?

I always watch Gok and Trinny and Suzannah and have their books and i tend to aim to dress to flatter my shape as opposed to following the latest trends, mind you, my dress sense is fairly alternative anyway.

For example, i have large calves so i would never dream of wearing a pair of skinny jeans yet my size 22 friend wears skinny jeans with sleeveless vest tops. She has bags of confidence so she is not bothered but to be fair a few times ive had to say ''are you going out in that?''. She loves fashion and wears whatever is in the shop windows as opposed to flattering her shape.

So back to the original question, do you think its more important to keep up with the latest trends regardless of your size or dress for your shape and feel comfortable?
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No I think you should wear what flatters-whether or not its in fashion. I cant wear skinny jeans either!I much rather wear what looks good and makes me feel good, rather than follow fashion. As long as i like it i don't care!!Hope that helps xx


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I keep an eye on fashion but since I'm the wrong side of 55 I've seen most things and know what suits me! Having said that I will try things on as you can get stuck in a rut and have fixed ideas! Often assistants in shops will point you in the way of things you wouldn't consider, but when you try them they look great!
PS go for sexy bras!


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I've just come back from shopping and it's quite depressing that now that I wear size 14 I still feel like I can't wear trendy clothes. I don't know what suits my new body.. I'm comfortable in black tops and dark denim or opaque tights and long sleeve dresses ( I hate my arms!).. everything seems to be either cropped sleeve or even sleeveless..
plus size shops have improved than before; they make lines for trendy/young clothes.. I remember when I was 14, looking like i'm wearing something out of my mom's closet (she was above 50 y.o and not particularly stylish)..

What i'm trying to say is.. it's not that straight forward : dressing your shape.. because if you're on a budget like me, shopping in primark it can be quite difficult finding classic items..and if you're quite young.. heck, nowadays even if you're 60y.o we all want to look and dress trendy and on fashion..
I'm seriously considering making my own clothes..


I will succeed!!!
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I dress in what suits me and I feel flatters me - be it current 'fashion' or not. I am starting to wear dresses again now I've lost some weight but pretty much live in jeans. But I LOVE shoes so I use them to make my outfit...I like weird shoes lol!

These 2 are my next babies:

Irregular Choice**Iced Gem Abigail at Schuh

http://www.schuhstore.co.uk/zoom.asp?i_code=1106017370&name=Cortesan Floral Bar Court


But I agree GCH - dressing to suit size and shape always beats dressing to follow the glossy mags.
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Yep same here another one that dresses to suit shape rather than trying to stick to the latest trends, I generally end up with a mixture of stuff, some classics and some a bit more on trend.



its a long road
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WOW great picture....

im quite alternative but i cant wear what i would like to due to my shape lol but yes i do wear what suits me rather than whats in fashion....

Scarlet Daisy

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I'm going to a wedding this weekend and I bought a "little black dress" and opaque black tights to wear. They looked more fitting for a funeral but firstly (like others) I was a bit stuck as to what would suit the less-fat me, and secondly my b/f (the Best Man) is wearing a tartan kilt - which I don't want to clash with.

Like Sticky, I decided the best way to tart up my outfit was with shoes and a bag. For ages I have only worn flip-flops or trainers...So imagine my b/f's delight when I came home with metallic (gold) leopard-skin shoes, with 4" high heels! And a matching clutch bag! Being slimmer makes shoes easier to buy...Now I just have to walk in them.
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I try to do both! I always go for what flatters ultimately, but I do keep an eye on what's in fashion. Not slavishly though, because I'd rather get classic basics I can jazz up with cheaper 'fashion' items. I don't like spending a lot on something I'll wear a few times and then either get bored of, or it go out of fashion the next season.

I also go for fab shoes and funky jewellery...oh and bags. How could I forget bags :D
These were my latest purchase...


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I'm a bit crap at clothes... I think I probably dress more for my shape than for fashion, but that's only because I can never pick the right "fashionable" clothes to go together... how do some people make it look so effortless?! Dressing for shape is most important though... and it's a bonus if what suits your shape happens to be in fashion :cool:
haha can anyone help me with fashion! im not good at dressing stylishly.i go out to clubs at uni and would love some elegant but slightly sexy outfits and i just dont know what goes.
and im short! and am awful at walking in heels but keep trying haha.
S: 19st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 7st13lb(41.42%)
Having said that I will try things on as you can get stuck in a rut and have fixed ideas!
This is soooo me! For example, for work i always buy very long leg, wide leg trousers which either fasten at the side or have no pockets - apparently these are the best for my 'pear' shape. And i always wear a fitted shirt with some kind of detail around the neck or collar etc. I never experiment!!!

I have been wearing the same style for like 3 yrs now and im stuck in such a work/fashion rut :sigh:
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I ALWAYS maintain that dressing to flatter your shape, is always better than keeping up with the latest trends, i'd rather wear the right cut and size for my body and look nice, comfortable and feel comfortable than look like everyone else and dress with what evers new that week.. and look terrible if it doesnt flatter me!

and seriously, what are wet look leggings all about? Gag!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
oo sticky, .. i LOVE shoes and handbags.. my mums even recently joked that the new shop in my local centre that is soley handbags will be able to stay open just on me shopping there alone LOL

I LOVE shoes and handbags, i always feel better when i have new shoes or bags! they give me so much confidence! x


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I find that since losing weight I really enjoy experimenting with things I'd never have worn when I was "big". For example patterned shirts and T shirts and halter neck tops. I have a wardrobe full of plain t-shirts which I've tried desperately to shrink in the tumble drier, as I hate to throw things away, but now find them really boring.
My advice is to try new things as you lose - you'll be surprised! And fitted clothes are always more flattering than baggy, whatever your size.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i agree, dress to flatter but do try new things, its the only way you'l expierment and know what suits you as your shape changes! x
we need to kidnap Gok!!!
I wear black pants for work with a fitted top.
Weekends, its jeans with a long top. BAH!!!!
I have no idea what suits me anymore - All my clothes are bl**dy black, my legs are like tree trunks, and i feel frumpy!!! :( x
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
^^ Beeen there.. when id lost about a stone and half and my clothes got really baggy i suddenly lost my shopping mojo and didnt know what to buy or how to dress myself to flatter.. it was awful and was one of my really low points during my journey.. get out there and take a step. Buy some new jeans and the moment you feel a little bit better, it all falls into place and you soon find yourself again!
dont fret. keep positive..

and if black makes you feel more comfortable then fine! my OH always complains that most of my clothes are black, which i can agree.. they are.. and can be a pain when its bright and sunny and hot, but i feel comfortable in black, and the more comfortable i am, the confident, so w.e!



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I like to know whats in fashion but if it doesn't suit my shape I wouldn't dream of wearing it! Im the same as you, I have big calves so skinny jeans are a no no for me whereas my cousin is the same & she lives in skinny jeans. I always go for comfort over 'whats in'!

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