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O/T HELP needed with an interview question


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okay so here it is and i just cant think of anythingh!!!!!!!!!!

can you give me an example of a time when you have had to change your priorities to meet another persons expectations?

what was the situation? why did you do this? did you recieve any feedback?
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Hi Kels
sorry, can't get my brain in gear at the moment, what type of job are you going for, may help to get some thoughts together ?


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yeah whats the job?


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Hi Kels

I have that quite often. In my job, I work on my own; I manage property for a wealthy family so I have regular jobs each day/week/month/quarter. I also work within his retail company and do about 70% of my work on this, so always having to change priorities.

I also manage the families finances, holidays, insurances, etc, etc, etc.

I can be doing my job quite merrily, but then the boss needs something doing urgently. This may take a day or so, but I have to re-prioritise my workload. I usually put everything on the back burner that is possible, and do what is required, which has become urgent. Basically, the boss expected the results pretty quickly, so knew I would dump everything to get the work out, or whatever it was he wanted.

I have to do this in order to meet his expectations, which are more important. The other stuff is work that can be done at any time. The consequence is that he is happy and really; my job is to ensure he has no hassles so that he can run his business without worrying.

I dont often receive feedback, but on the occasions I have it has been positive and he has thanked me for getting the job done and said he feels secure that he can do what he does best and leave me to sort out whatever it is he requires.

NOT SURE IF THIS HELPS.....I cant tell you actual situations unfortunately, but if there is anything else you need or for me to clarify, let me know.
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As above can talk about your flexability and how you can adadpt to suit a situation

My example would be if i have planned jobs on, then someone comes up asking me to look at something and this requires a modification/repair.

I would then go off put an action plan in place with assigned responsabilities, scheduled times of completion and how i would do the job

Thats way i look at it anyway

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