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O/T: I think I'm going blind


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Hello boys and girls,

A rather random, totally off topic thread from me today. I am in need of some guidance. I woke up the other morning and my left eye was rather blurry, nothing unusual there, I'd just woken up, then throughout the day it was really sore and started to water anytime I tried to focus on something (i.e the telly.)

This was about a week ago, now it doesn't hurt or water anymore, but when I close the right eye and only look out the left everything is rather fuzzy and blurry - like the feeling you get when you need to rub your eye.

Lat time I went to the optitions (about 4 years ago) they said I have a problem with the convection and accommodation in my eyes; something to do with a.) how close something is to my eyes before I go cross-eyed, and b.) the amount of time it took for my eyes to focus from long vision to short vision, (i.e. the board to my notebook at school)

My question is this, do I go to the optitions or the doctors? Also what is the going rate for an eye exam these days?

Thank you kindly,

Natt xxx
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Hi Natt

I would defo go to the Opticians as they are specialised in their subject.
I am really surprised you don't get free eye tests on DLA, but apparently not. I found this website, which is a little out of date, but gives you a rough idea (£20 approx). Optician Prices - Compare the Cost of Eye Tests in the UK

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY. This is something that you can't mess about with- it is probably something incredibly trivial, but the test will put your mind at rest.

Good luck and keep us updated


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Yes Squiddie, I would go to the opticians, you only get one pair of eyes. If you need a Dr he will refer you on.


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Wise move. Oticians the best starting point they can always refer you on if needs be (docs if it's an infection or something), or reassure you if not. let us know how you get on.


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Is that the place that also offers Retinal Screening in with the testing? I'd recommend Retinal Screening ALWAYS - thanks to mine in March I won't be going blind in my left eye - I was diagnosed with Retinal Detatchment and if undetected I would've been blind in that eye by Xmas! PHEW! I wasn't aware of any symptoms which is more worrying!



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I'm so glad you are seeing the Optician Squiddie - you can't play about with your eyes they are to precious.

Have you got something you could barter with the Optician? after all years ago Dr's were paid with eggs and all sorts of gifts rather than money, LOL......Seriously though it will come to this bartering system again the way things are being priced out of our reach these days, especially when it comes to our health - we don't all have footballer's wages coming in every week!!!!

Good luck at the Opticians. X


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Hi everyone,

Just thought Id update you. I just been to the opticians and she sent me to the hospital, which is where I am going now. So I hope to see you all later and let you know how I got on!!

Wish me luck!

Natt xxx


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Hi everyone,

Just thought Id update you. I just been to the opticians and she sent me to the hospital, which is where I am going now. So I hope to see you all later and let you know how I got on!!

Wish me luck!

Natt xxx
Good luck Squiddie :wave_cry: I hope everything is ok for you.


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Good luck squiddie. Hope everything is ok x x


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Late joining this and advice already given as I would have given...but good luck and keep us posted. Thinking of you xx


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Aw thanks for your kind words everyone!
Well well well, what a day I have had!
I went to the opticians at 9.45 this morning and she did all the usual eye test stuff, number one? or number two? All that jazz, then she put some dye in my eye and had a look with her little laser beam thing. It was like being on a really bad acid trip! The colours, the lights, the headache. So then she said, "right...well you're going to have to go down the hospital and let them have a look", so she rings them and writes me a letter to take with me, and one to my doctor, I finally leave the opticians at 10.30.

So I come home to have a wee and get all excited about the day out(!) So I park up and find my way to the omphthol...something department. Then I had to read the letter piramid jobby. Then I finally got to go and see the Dr and she put drops in my eyes and shines more lights in them. The she puts drops in to make my pupils dilate...now if you've ever had this done you will know how much of a horrible experience it is. I felt p**sed. Everything was blurry, sensitive to light and I look like a frog:

Doesn't look quite as bad there as it did earlier! So anyway, more lights and drops and so on. And she said, I will back in a minute... 10minutes later, she came back and said "I've had a chat with another doctor and we're going to send you for some tests" I had 4 lots of bloods, (FBC, U&E's and so on) and a chest x-ray (?)

The long and the short of it is that the test's they've done, they should of done when I first had my knee problems 8 years ago, instead it was "there is nothing wrong with you", "it's in your head", "you have a neurotic mother", "it's hormounal", "it's your weight" and so on, so if it is connected, and/or I get a proper diagnosis in my knee I will loose my sh*t!

So now I have to take drops every hour for two days, then 6 times a day for a week, then 4 times a day for a week, then 3 times a day for a week, then twice a day for a week. And I have another lot I have to keep in the fridge, all that and I have to go back to the hospital in 2 weeks! Well what a day, how are we all?

Thanks for the support!

Natt xxxxx
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Blimey Squiddie ! ... youve had a right ole day! ... I didnt realise eye problems can be connected with so many other things! ..

Have they actually said what it is then ? or just waiting for results?

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