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O/T Is She Under The Patio?

When I moved in with my b/f he confessed that he didn't really know the people next door. And just like a man, he didn't really know what sort of people lived there! He thinks it was a woman, her teenage son and a man (who moved in later, presumably as her b/f). Mind you, I've lived here for a year now and I'm not sure either.

A few weeks ago there was shouting outside (at about 3am), which sounded like a drunken man being told to go away, by a woman. Next morning the Police came and asked if we heard anything...So I made a statement, but I hadn't much to tell.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my b/f thinks he saw a van next door. It was only a Transit van but it seemed to be removing some furniture.

Here's the thing...The same washing has been pegged out on the line for about two or three weeks now! Come rain, or shine. What do you make of that? The lawn isn't too long and there is a car on the drive. Plus, I've heard people moving about in there...

Surely no woman would leave washing out for that long?

Did she go, leaving some of her clothes and lots of sheets etc. hanging out? Why would she leave her own home and let the b/f stay? Is he sulking and not getting the washing in, because she left him? Or is she under the patio?

I'm so curious but I have no reason to knock and ask. Hmmmm...
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Knock and ask if he would like you to take the washing in if it rains or something.....? Or just mention to the police that you havn't seen her for a while and were worried? x
on the washing front I have a neighbour who leaves it out for weeks at a time in all weathers, can't understand it but each to their own. Good advice from others though - if you have any doubts act on them you just never know.

Do the right thing and speak to the local police, they have already attended the address so there could be some interest. In the years I have done my job , I heard so many times before " I wished I had said something. It could be nothing to woory about , but on the other hand it could be something totally different.

I hope you consider this option.

phil x
I agree. Talk to the police, they are aware of prior 'incidents' at the address so would have the need to visit..
I would definately have reservations about knocking on the door myself though. You just never know.
Wierd about the washing though?! It may be a harmless oversight. But, its not like any woman i know!!!
I would not knock, keep at distance as you don't know whats going on. You could be a potential witness ( or not) so best leave it to the local lads to go round.

make sure that you speak to an investigator( CID/CIT) don't get flobbed off phoning in, get along to the station and asked to speak to a officer and sit down and tell them what you have seen and your concerns. Take a report number as well.

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OMG, i love it!
Ah, my street is quite quiet these days but there used to be a time when it was quite a bad area, .. we had crazy pregnant ladies fighting and pulling hair on the floor, a drunk who put paintstripper all over peoples cars before she moved out.. police every 5 minutes, domestics across teh road, .. drug raides.. the lot!

Please keep us updated, im curious to know. Maybe he killed her? .. would explain why you heard him insdie the home moving about, but no one has brang the washing in. . *muhahaha* - im sure its all nothing LOL
Okay, just realised your all taking this quite seriously LOL.

Ignore my previous post, now i look evil!

deffo report it and get in touch, in all seriousness this sorta stuff does happen! fingers x'd shes completly okay, and more than likley has just moved out, and if it were that bad between em, im sure its likley she just sacrificed a few odd garments and sheets.. x
Okay, just realised your all taking this quite seriously LOL.

Ignore my previous post, now i look evil!
Nah, you're OK....After all, it was me that suggested she was under the patio! ;)

I'm almost certain that she is OK but I have a vivid imagination and a history of reading Agatha Christie. Plus, at my age, I'm starting to looked like Jessica Fletcher crossed with Hetty Wainthrop...So I may as well get in on the detective act.

I will have a little chat with the Police though, if only to put my mind at rest. Not about HER really...But about ME. After all, if I'm living next door to a murderer, I want to know about it.


shrinking granny
my next door neighbour leaves her washing out for weeks :rolleyes: the differance here is that I still see her comming and going.

Like the others I suggest you talk to the police but tell them you want to be annomous, you dont want any comeback

Please keep us updated


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Some people are just like that. My neighbours (a couple my age and a toddler) put washing out on a nice day and it hangs there for weeks no matter what the weather is. It really annoys me as all their stuff must be ruined but it's up to them. I've lived in my house for a year and a half and other than that couple, I don't know anyone else's names. I like to keep myself to myself!
Don't use words like that though...

haha, sorry!

Nope, totally agree, someone has to live next to the nasty parasites that infest this earth and do such nasty things, so. fingers x'd were all just over reacting, but deffo have a chat to the police, like you said, even if only for your own piece of mind. I'd want to know. .



is getting better at it
or then again they could just be lazy and not bother to get it in, just like my neighbours we live in a small block and the next door neighbours have had a rubbish bag outside their front door for 9 days now and last night when i came in another had been added to it and it stinks to high heaven

but if your worried go to the police if only to put your mind at rest
Soooooo.......what happened?? Lol x

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