O/T Iv got a lump


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Sorry, i didnt know where else to put this.

This morning i noticed a lump under my arm. Its painful to touch. It feels about the size of a pea.

Do you think it could be something bad? It kinda hurts like a spot, but it doesnt look like one, its not red or anything, its just a lump under the skin.

Shall i just leave it and see what happens? Im sure its nothing but thought id ask anyway.

Go to the dr first thing on Monday. The fact that it hurts is a good sign - apparently. It's possibly an ingrown hair, or heat bumps but far better to be safe than sorry.
Thanks D_Q,

I think it probably is just in ingrown hair or something, i think i just panicked for a minute.

Im having a boob job in 5 weeks time, so the last thing i need is a dodgy lump.

Ill see how it is on monday and if its still there i think ill go see a doc.

Hi Becky :)

Make sure you don't go all blokey on us so go to the doctor on Monday.

Both my mum and I have found unusual lumps and both times it was just one of those things. :rolleyes:

Get it checked out for your own peace of mind ;)
good luck hunxx

DQ is correct the nasty stuff tends not to hurt much more likely to be a cist

Thanks Chicken and jfc.

I wont 'go all blokey' lol and will go and see the doc.

I think i read somewhere that the bad lumps dont hurt, so i know its probably nothing.

But like i said, with the impendidn boob job, i need to get it sorted before then

Thanks for you helps guys,
Hi Princess,

The girls are so right, when it comes to our health, it is best to get the lump checked out.

Your body gets rid of toxins and one of the places it can discard waste is under the armpit.

Here is some information and link to the site.

Lymph nodes play an important part in the body’s defense against infection. Swelling might occur even if the infection is trivial or not apparent. Swelling of lymph nodes generally results from localized or systemic infection, abscess formation, or malignancy; other causes of enlarged lymph nodes are extremely rare. By far the most common cause of lymph node enlargement is infection. As a rule, when swelling appears suddenly and is painful, it is usually caused by injury or an infection. Enlargement that comes on gradually and painlessly may result from malignancy or tumor.


Be sure to tell us how you get on.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Bex
I found EXACTLY the same thing just last week! A small lump under my arm (sort of near the front of my armpit) about the size of a large pea. It was quite painful to touch too.

I put it down to an infected gland or a cyst and just ignored it (ok, ok I should have gone to the doc! :eek: ). I did promise myself I'd see a doc if it hadn't gone in a week though. Well, it's completely gone so I guess it was harmless.

Anyway, let us know what the GP says: I'd be interested as it sounds the same as what I had.

Debbie x
Thanks mini, very useful information. You can always find the right article to help everyone, such a star!

Hi Russiandoll,

Yep, mine sounds exactly like yours! I think like you ill give it a few days and if its still there ill go see the doc.

I love this forum, so many helpful people :)
Hi Is and d_q,

Im fine thanks. Sooooo unbeleiveably busy with work though. All the bosses are away from tomorrow so its just one salesman and me doing all the paperwork. Its going to be absolutely manic! Gona be so knackered by next week. Itll will be 4 weeks working 7 days a week!

As for the lump, well its stopped hurting and its gone down loads, can hardly feel it now. So i think its ok.

And funnily enough, my bf said hes got the same thing! Ill make sure he keeps an eye on his too.

You both ok?