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O/T My neighbour needs an ASBO!!

It's 12.30 am and I have to be up at 6.30 am!! I'm sooo peeved!

A girl moved into the opposeite end of my block a couple of months ago with her 2 year old son, and I really wish she would move back out!! The things her and her pals do around that kid disgust me!!

Tonight, it started at 11.30. About 15 of them arguing and fighting in the street, and she had her kid out!! :eek::eek:

Anyway, to cut a long story short the police have been and took some of them away in a two vans, but now I can't sleep! :(:(

My street used to be so quiet and family orientated until she moved in and brought her type of friends around all the time, and it is all of the time. She's a council tenant so I've decided that first thing in the morning I am complaining, STRONGLY!!

Anyway, rant over (I needed to rant :mad:). I've just took a Solpadol that I get for migraines and they also knock me out so hopefully I'll be in a deep sleep soon enough :D:D

Sorry guys, I know it's completely off topic, but aaaarrrrggghhhh!! lol

K xx
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Indieflower - I know how you feel - when we first moved in to our house it was alovely quiet street but there are a couple of families that are now making our lives difficult, we have all decided to get together & complain, one is a council tenant so we can complain to them (she is apparently also dealing out of her back door....) the other though owns her house but her kids are causing us misery, I used to enjoy sitting in the garden but as soon as you hear them now you have to go back in, I wouldn't mind but they are only 7 & 9 & years ago we could have clobbered them but not anymore so we have decided that we will start with our community police officer & see what happens from there, either that or I am going to set a trap for them but then I will probably get arrested! I hate my cats being out when they are out as well as I caught them trying to strangle a neighbours cat a while ago but their mother does NOTHING!

Sorry I took over your rant.

Hope you got to sleep.


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aww thats awful i am lucky enough not to have to deal with it now but when i was a teenager we had neighbours like that at the time i thought it was funny but my mum was at her wits end nothing like an alcoholic singing at 3.00am to set you up for the working day.
I hear ya girls.....
long gone are the days of restful peaceful sleep.....
I think we are all in the same boat.
My neighbours arrive in from work at about 3 every day. They have shipped their child out all over the place (I think that wee boy has stayed in his own house about 8 times since Christmas). They sit in there on their lazy arses all afternoon and evening and THEN at 11pm (my daughter is asleep by 9) they decide they are going to start moving furniture around, running up and down the stairs in her stilettoes, banging windows and doors etc etc. I swear they do it on purpose. I want a detached house soooooooo bad.


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My 89 year old mother has the same problem with noisy neighbours all times of the day and night, mom has asked them politely if they can tone the noise down and she got a mouthful of abuse and they kept banging on her front door in the middle of the night for a while which terrified her - she has a pacemaker and her heart is not that good.

We have complained to the council numerous times and they have said that the whole is complaining about them and they are trying to re-house them.

It can't come quickly enough for us, my poor mother is terrified to go out some days.


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There are times when I think we must live in a really bad area but then I start hearing everyone else's stories & just wonder now if this is wha it is like no matter where you live nowadays, I know when I was growing up this would never have happened on our road but it just seems to be getting worse - and the language I hear coming out of the kids mouths makes me cringe, if my mum had heard me saying anything my mouth WOULD have been washed out with soap & I would have been given a good hiding & sent to bed with no tea (I am still scared of my mum & dad at 38!!!!!:p)


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We live on a small estate which on the face of it, looks absolutely lovely. All of the houses are Housing Association and the majority of the tenants are fine.

However, there are about 4 families which make the area awful. The kids from the families vandalise everything, trash the area in general, speead grafitti, swear, you name it, they do it!

There is also one particular family that are really violent. They are on the verge of being kicked out, but it seems that she always manages to talk them around. The mother is an amazing liar. She comes across as being so genuine, but she would no sooner stab you in the back.

Our area could be so lovely if it wasn't for a minority who spoil it for everyone else.


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i am only 25 and i am quite sure we weren as bad as they are now , i had to stop two girls battering hell out of each other in my back garden in my dressing gown two year ago it was funny at the time but when you think about it , it's not right they should have more respect, and as for your mum donnie thats a disgrace your poor mum at 89 you want a bit of piece and quiet it's not fair


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i know what you mean they have no consideration for anyone these days, my neighbours music started blaring out at 11.30 this morning and it will get louder and louder as the day goes on and will get turned off at about 5am tomorrow morning, luckily i will be going to work soon and wont be home till about 3 am tomorrow so wont effect me much,
if you do decide to complain to the council you need to keep awritten diary of all that they have done what times, what the noise was how long, as you may realise we have been there and my oh just keep emailing the problems to the council every day im sure they got fed up in the end
Thanks all, and I'm sorry to hear your stories also. There are a few families in my area that ruin it for the others without doubt. Last week I caught a 7 year old and a ten year old smoking!! :eek:
I told the Mum and she didn't seem phased!!

I have complained. I feel awful that I have complained as if we are all complaining, could that lead to her child not having a roof over his head? That's not a nice thought. But, I'm sick of it and so are my neighbours!

I did get to sleep eventually, although the weekend is here so god knows what they'll get up to now!

K xx


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no the children wont be homeless they will just rehome the family elsewhere and the trouble will start all over again in the new place, thats what they do here anyway.

when i had all the trouble with the neighbours upstairs from me i brought some ear plugs and they were the best thing i could have brought i had the best night sleep in months
if it gets to bad try them
no the children wont be homeless they will just rehome the family elsewhere and the trouble will start all over again in the new place, thats what they do here anyway
I didn't really think he would be homeless, it's just awful to think of the unsettling experience for him, however he lives an unsettled life daily! His grandparents are fairly involved and seem like decent people, but I don't think they know the extent of what goes on. Perhaps it's time they did!
omg.... im in the same boat,my neighbour shouts and bawls from 6 in the morning till bout 11 at night,im so sick of it and im not a morning person....also a lot of my other neighbours were old and have recently died n a bunch of chav`s have moved in ,drinking outside all nite n fighting....... im on the edge x
They should house all the nob heads in the same estate...
i feel so sorry for you all. but i get it in the other direction.
i live next to a "mrs bucket" her house is immaculate all the time, she has no kids and is supported by her oh expect for her part time cleaning job "to get her out the house".
my 3 kids are at the child minders until 5-5.30 when they come home they play out til 6.30 at the latest on ours garden , and are in at 6.30 for shower tea nad bed.
we also have 2 dogs, who are out for 10-15 mins at a time and she rings a hand bell at them if they bark whilst playing :eek:
she told me oh she saw a art in our back garden yesterday. why was she looking in the back garden? we also have a cat that kills birds for fun :rolleyes: so i doubt if any rats would be stupid enough to try our garden, and there s no food there cause the dogs eat anything worth eating that drops (and paper and things that arent worth eating to -lol!!!)
i consider our house is neat, considering we work both full time, have 3 small kids, one who is registered as mentally disabled and 2 dogs that are well loved and cared for and walked daily...
so why is whatever we do not good enough? i dont drink, the worst we do is a bbq which is over at 9 at the latest cause i have to get disabled son to bed:confused::confused:.
what do you do? maybe i could borrow someones neighbour and we could swap

Scojos I think whatever you do in life some people will find problem with it. Your neighbour sounds like a bored old women who makes her fun by critising others. She probably likes to feel superior and above the 'riff raff' next door ;) lol. I used to have a neighbour a bit like that!

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