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o/t Question re my pay.... not been paid what are my rights?


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I signed up for an advance when i first joined and the first three months you got £200 two weeks after you got paid.
This has been fine up till today when i was due my last bacth of £200.

Not been paid it and called up payrol and the women conveniently isnt in so is gonna look through my file to make sure i am on it???? I know i am.... and call within the hour to tell me why its not come through but doubts i'll get it now as they are so close to doing the wages???

I have no money! I cant even get a train to work as i was banking on that money and I have spent my last £3.00 on some baked beans and some cat food.

Hubs doesnt get paid till tuesday and I am in Fri sat and sun.

Any ideas on my rights and what i can say when they call back?
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Sorry but I dont get why you get £200 advance 3 months in to your job.. i dont understand,.. are you not being paid wages? or is this on top of wages ?


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basically its to help you out the first three months, it gets taken out of your wages when you get paid but its for people like me who were out of work and just need a little bit in between to keep you afloat? So its my money being paid nothing on top but i signed up to have it out of my money to be given to me two weeks after i got paid.


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I guess you get paid at end of month.. I dont know what your rights are.. but you can only explain the situation to payroll .. then if they dont come up with the goods, call your manager and explain about being unable to come to work.. they might get onto payroll for you xx Not much help but hopefully all will be ok :D


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The only thing i can suggest hun is to wait until they get back to you, if nobody gets back to you you should just keep phoning them and pestering them. Explain that you are counting on the money. Hope you get it sorted out hun xx


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Just spoke to my mum as shes an accountant and she said i should demand a chaps payment? Bacs get paid into the account over the week chaps is instant but will cost them £25.

Yea i get paid on 27th Jan but I have bills coming out with no money in the bank account and will therefore get fined!


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Cancel any DD's or SO's due to come out of your account immediately to avoid charges. Talk to your manager about the situation and not being able to get to work. If you get the train in to work and work 5 days per week, look into getting a season ticket as they save you lots of money
FTN do you work for a public service ? im guessing the NHS with the mid month £200 advances because if you do sorry to say but if it hasnt gone in today on the weekly it wont go in till the monthly on the 26th they wont do a CHAPS there is no chance of that you may be able to speak to your line manager who may be able to argue higher up the chain if yuo have the paperwork to say you should have got the mid month advance

Gen x


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Hiya yea it is the NHS and your right they have said they cant do it till 26th now!
Hubs is gonna ask his dad to lend us some money! I just think its wrong! I have money on my oyster but I have to drive to the train station as the nearest one to waterloo is a 15 min drive away and i am on the flashing light on my car! the buses dont run at 4am in the morning so i really dunno what i am gonna do if hubs dont borrow the money! I need to go in as otherwise i may not get my bonus!


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It might be a late BACS run. So you could get it later this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Find out first if they have defo paid it and if so, when. They can usually send money on a 3 or 5 day BACS run so it will give you an idea if a mistake has been made.

Also, a BACS payment can fail occassionally, and if that happens, they can usually CHAPS it into your account.

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