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O/T Totally OTT leaving gift


Mistress of the Dark
Right so I'm leaving my job on 6th Sept (I work for a security firm in the control room so basically spend all day speaking to security guards that are 200 miles away that I have never met).

I've become friends with a couple, well as much as friends as you can over the phone!! I know most of them have contributed towards buying me a leaving gift (how sweet!).

I got a parcel delivered at work today. It's from one guard in particular. He always jokes and says I am his best friend because I sort out his shifts and stuff. He said he wanted to buy me a leaving present to say thanks.

The parcel was fairly big. I opened it and my jaw hit the floor...

...he's only bought me A MOBILE PHONE!!!

I mean it's so over the top and I was so embarrassed when I opened it! I told him I couldn't accept it but he has insisted. He reckons I am worth it, that I deserve better and that I am 'the best' (English isn't his first language-he's from Africa)!

I'm really touched but it must of cost about £60! I guess I am flumoxxed as to how I have made such an impression on someone over the phone! x
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P'raps it was a free upgrade he got and thought he'd give it to you :D

( i jest)

Thats very sweet though, you think he's after something ;) lol

Wonder what else you'll get off folk!

Lucky you x
Its a very touching gift. Not sure what others will think, but I would have graciously received.

I can remember buying a couple of expensive bouquets for a ward sister and her deputy when I left a job (both were surprised but pleased), however, they had offered me plenty of additional shifts (I was in my early 20's and saving for trip to Australia) so I really thought that they were worth a memorable gift. Perhaps this guy feels that you have offered him support at a difficult time, even if you aren't aware of it.
Awww thats so sweet of him!! xx
That is so lovely !!!!
You can make good friends with people you have never met, I am good friends with a costsdraughtman I talk to on the phone (I manage his firm) and I sent him a gift for his wedding altho we have never met, some people you just 'click' with !


WILL be Slim!
oh my goodness hun! That is so touching! i would have blubbed like a baby! lol
Yeah African men do generally treat women well. He's defo after you ;-)
I fell for a Nigerian man and then married him (i say did - past tense) and look at my profile piccie, yip child followed!! haha - watch out :-D


please try again
ive dated several african men, all i got was a cheese burger, lol ( cant even get the one on the sofa to do the diy today, had to do it myself humph )

really sweet of him to get you the phone, has he programmed his number into it?


Mistress of the Dark
I very nearly did blub like a baby!!!

I don't think he is after me in that sense as he knows I have a partner and he knows my partner.

He didn't put his number in it as it's an unlocked one so it doesn't have a sim card in it yet x

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