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O/T - Wooohoo, booked my holiday!


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Hey everyone,

I've just booked my holiday for Sri Lanka on 30th November - official countdown has now started :D

Im sooooooo excited, we have a 5* hotel and it looks out of this world.

Ive had a look at the food and its mainly rice based dishes with curries with lots of seafood but i can see they use a lot of coconut milk in their dishes.

Has anyone ever been here and if so, what can you recommend food wise that will be SW friendly? Im determined to stick to plan as much as possible so i can feel confident in showing off my new tum on the beach :p
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Never been there but booking our hols is a great motivator isnt it.Sri Lanka sounds beautiful.

We have just booked some breaks over the winter and they are far far different from the hols we used to have when I was really big.

We have booked 2 nights in a youth hostel in the forest for a cycling weekend with the kids in October.

A weekend in Centre Parcs in early December.

A week walking in beautiful North Yorkshire for my 40th birthday in Feb in a super cottage, hoping for snow!

All these give me little goals to work towards and keep motivated.

Anyone else with holidays booked over the winter?
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hehe, Random fact - i used to live in india, and my brother was born in shri lanka,.. all i'd say is, (and i was very young at the time so can only go one what i know from family) .. always drink bottled water and dont eat outside of the hotel..

swimming pools (if not cleaned out every other day ) .. by teh third day turn green and get inhabited by spider like creatures that cling to your skin and will stay for days untill it dies and drops off ( very alien vs predictor i know LOL)
which if ur hotel is 5* shouldnt be the case.. but we aware! mind u, i am talking 15 odd years ago.. havnt been back since!

.. and the food will be very fatty....

hope u have a fab holiday.. the culture is amazing! xxx


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Wow Fern, how long did you live in India for? I bet that was amazing - much hotter than the UK i imagine :p

I read up about the water and also about being careful with fruit and veg as they tend to wash and prepare in tap water as opposed to bottled. Luckily, our hotel states all their food is prepared with purified and bottled water.

I guess i'll find out if i get a case of the dreaded Dehli Belly!!

Princess Sausage - i love active holidays! They are so much fun, you will have a fab time. My sis took her kids to Centre Parc's last month and had a wonderful time.


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I have been to Sri Lanka (combined it with the Maldives as its only about an hours flight away, so its a must ;) )
I absolutely loved the food, lots of fish currys, even for breakfast and just lots of fresh food in general tbh!
Loved all the fresh fruit too.
You will love it...what part are you going to, I stayed in Negombo at Browns Beach.
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OH WOW! how fabulous, can I be your official baggage carrier please? Oh and off course the food taster as well. Hope you have a fantastic time and what a motivator. xx


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I'm sure you will absolutely love it...I did!
Have you thought about carrying on to the Maldives? Its so near and as you're in that part of the world... ;) Both very different places.
Possibly, we havn't booked a multi centre holiday but we are there for 10 days so i suppose we could do 1 night in a hotel over there, its always been somewhere i've wanted to go - it looks stunning.

How far is Mauritius? I know they are all clustered together in the Indian Ocean but are they within flight/boat distance of each other?

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