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Oat bran?


** Chief WITCH **
Louise - in attack it's 1.5 tablespoons not teaspoons... rising to 2 tablespoons in Cruise. And yes you'll be very glad of it cos it really is versatile and enables you to bake all sorts of lovely things...

Even if you wanted to, you couldn't eat 100g of it! It's LOADS!

Do you have the book, Louise? It's really important...

Yes I have the book was just wondering if I could avoid it!! Have to trust that this will work. Confused as how it works but sure it will be easier when head clears!!

How much have you lost xxx
believe me this diet works ,you need the oatbran as it helps lower cholesterol aswell and you need some carbs in your life or your body will go into starvation mode and you wont lose anyway ...
this diet at times you will think theres no way i can lose weight eating this much but you do


grammar police
Don't get confused with oatmeal and oat bran. Oatmeal is ground up oats which you don't want to include. Oat bran is the milled husk from around the grain, so is mostly protein and carbs and makes a huge difference. To anyone thinking of starting this diet I'd say don't even consider it without including the oatbran - it's definitely an essential!

In your diary you said you had 2 stone to lose and you're coming from WW, so you might not see quite the lightning start you would if you'd been eating normally, but the best thing to do is plan for a 3 day attack phase - get the food in, plan the menus and try it and see. You'll lose enough for you to be able to see that it works and that will motivate you to keep going into cruise. If you don't think you like it after 3 days you've not really lost anything - just go for it.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Emma has said it all Louise - you must not drop the oatbran, the diet is sufficiently low-cal even with it in there. Oatbran absorbs cholesterol & calories and adds fibre and is essential to the plan. I have just 'come out the other side' of the diet and I am going to keep taking it. Most if not all of us also add a permitted tablespoon of Wheat bran (that's virtually pure fibre and not much else) to the daily oatbran allowance because, as you'll find out pretty soon, less fibre in your diet causes what we term as 'transition problems' and really you need to do as much as you can (water, your allowance of bran, vegetables once in cruise) to keep yourself from becoming constipated. Even so you may only need to 'go' once ever few days as protein really produces no 'output'
I've been on the diet for 12 days, but haven't lost anything since the attack phase. It might be a coincidence, but that is also when I started taking oat bran (as I wasn't able to find it before). Do you think that oat bran could be making a difference to my weight loss? I'm thinking of stopping it for a few days and seeing what the results would be. Any ideas? I could take psyllium husks instead for some much needed fibre.


Not very good at this!
The oatbran will not slow up your loss - in fact the opposite. You should post up what you have neen eating for us nosy lot to comment - you could be going wrong somewhere and someone will pick it up for you. Did you switch to Dukan from another diet or this 12 days brand new dieting?


** Chief WITCH **
I second Mouse's words. Please post your menus.
Below are my previous two days menus:

Yesterdays menu PP
Mullerlight yoghurt (vanilla)
Turkey slices with cottage cheese
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
Meatballs (lean mince, garlic, eggs, onion, gherkins, oat bran, smoked paprika, pepper, salt)
More cottage cheese
Approx. 2l water

Previous day PV
Mullerlight yoghurt toffee
Turkey slices with cottage cheese
Chicken salad (tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, chicken breast, cottage cheese)
Oat bran galette
Cod in tomato sauce (tinned tomatoes, onion, garlic, chilli flakes)
Fat free Greek yoghurt with one teaspoon cocoa, cinnamon, splenda
2.5l water

I don't feel like I am retaining any water. I was previously on Slimming World but was doing it halfheartedly. I walk loads, pushing my buggy, taking my daughter to and from school. I haven't had any oat bran today. I'll see if it makes any difference, but if anyone can see anything glaringly wrong in my menu, please let me know. I used frylight to grease the Pyrex before putting the meatballs in and to make my galette. Do you think that could be it? I use a couple of sprays.
whats your weight height and how much have you previously lost ?
on your diet is the turkey the pre pack one?
how much onion?
sometimes diary can cause a stall as can smoked salmon ...could be a salt issue
the oatbran is crucial in the diet and wont stall you
The turkey is the Bernard Matthews pre packed one. I also use the Weightwatchers pre packed ham. I also buy biltong ( South African dried beef) to snack on. I haven't had it for a few days to see if that was what was causing my lack of weight loss. I might be going through a stagnation phase that I will hopefully come out of quickly. Thanks for your help.


Not very good at this!
I would steer clear of the processed hams and turkeys - and was it literally one muller each day? I wouldn't have any more than that. Some find that smoked fish causes water retention - how much smoked salmon? Apart from that I wonder if you are eating enough protein?
Yip, one mullerlight, although today I have had two :) What do you snack on without the processed ham/turkey? Do you think I need to eat more? Oh, and it was two slices of smoked salmon - not a huge amount.
snack can be egg quiche, boiled eggs ,cook a whole chicken and pick,chicken drumsticks , slices of beef even sugar free jelly...the more protein you eat the more you lose ...sounds mad but its true


** Chief WITCH **
The girls have said it all. Your menus look good nixon - just a few tweaks required, and watch the quantity of cottage cheese too cos my weight loss hasn't half speeded up since I stopped it two weeks ago! (Again, unsure whether that's why... but cottage cheese isn't ok in France on the diet!)

As to whether you're eating enough, you'd need to reveal your current weight!
Thanks for your help ladies. It's my TOTM, so put on 0.4kg this morning. Will wait for a few days before doing anything drastic. My current weight is 58kg. My true weight according to the dukan website is 53.5kg. So only 4.5kg more to go, but they are killing me!

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