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Having a dilemma, I bought some oatmeal last night which looks exactly the same as the oatbran I've been buying and yet when I looked online they are apparently two different things.

I actually mixed it with what was left in my tub of oat bran and you would not have been able to separate the two so are they actually the same thing?
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no not the same thing - they are ground differently. sorry but id chuck it out and buy oatbran :(
After a thorough investigation of google it would appear there is a lot of confusion over what is bran and what is oatmeal. Certainly what I bought looks nothing like oatmeal which seem to be porridge oats. Anyway I checked the nutritional values and it looks about the same so I'm not going to stress too much about it and get some proper stuff when I go shopping later in the week.
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hmmm well having just made an incredibly stodgey galette I think I'm going to buy some proper oatbran tomorrow evening!


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oh no! was it really bad? you could have added water?
it just made a galette about twice as thick as a normal one lol! Manage to get some proper oat bran this evening. I think I will save the oatmeal for breakfasts when I'm in stabilisation.
Hi just started DUKAN been on it a week - just protein ..but no oatbran as all I can find is scots porridge oats ... presume this is not the same?? Where do you get it??

Lost 7lbs though in my first week ... so pleased!!


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oh well done beverly and welcome. You should be having your oatbran though it helps break down fat.

Morrisons do the mornflake one (its usually on the bottom shelf of the porrudgy type things) asda do one and so do tesco.


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Hello and welcome... I feel I "know" you already as I'm subscribed to Karen's thread...

Definitely find the oatbran as you can bake delicious muffins, cakes etc. with it... within the constraints of how much you're allowed per day, of course! I'd eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could!



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Have been having tescos venison burgers as 100% meat - and they're delious ... 2packs (4burgers) for £3.50 I think.
There is too much fat in these? 7.4g or something.

Who is karen and where is her thread?


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aaah Karen... I've been following her life for a few years now... Lovely girl!


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actually I've met someone from this site in real life... not from this board though (yet!) but we used to chat I forget where on the diet board. She used to Judddddddddddddddddd

Home time now... night all! oh darn it - this is the oat bran thread! HAPPY OAT BRAn!

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