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Obsy's disappearing act!


is starting to disappear!
Hi all,

Thought I'd start writing a diary to keep track of my progress. Feel free to comment, laugh and join in, the more the merrier! I apologise if some of my posts are graphic, I want to remember every gruesome detail in case I ever balloon up in weight again!

I've just had my 5th weigh in and lost 6.25lbs so that's a total of 1st 8.75lbs. It's been a rollercoaster of a journey so far, so many obtacles and challenges and so far I've managed to overcome them all.

So far I've watched family eat 3 takeaways, colleagues at work down biscuits, cakes and glorious sandwiches, resisted 2 meals out, 2 nights on the drink, one dinner party and 1 buffet, oh and made lasagne for 14.

On top of all that I've had a great aunt die, the family dog was put to sleep and work has been horrendous with redundancies and people leaving.

The one thing that has gone well is the Cambridge Weight Plan, I've managed to stick to it and the results are starting to show. Nothing better than getting on the scales, seeing the numbers go down and watch the clothes getting looser.

Well that'sit for today, had a SS+ day today and feeling tired so off to bed.

Night all and good luck xx
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Laugh in the face of food
Wow, you're doing so well hun, keep up the good work!!! You'll be at your goal in no time at all. xxx


is starting to disappear!
Thanks everyone for your kind words, I find they spur me on when temptation kicks in.

Well today has been a long one. I was supposed to be on annual leave but had to go into work until I finished a job and was there from 8.30 till 7pm and still didn't get finished. Had my first pack at 1.30pm then a bar when I got home as I was feeling hungry. Am shattered but am looking forward to having a few days off work to catch up with people and do a few jobs. Just hope that I manage to get the water down as I find it much easier at work to drink it all than I do at home on a weekend.

Time will tell. Am off to bed now so write more tomorrow xx


is starting to disappear!
Oh I do. Got up this morning to find my cat Pebbles (who is my baby!) limping and unable to put weight on one of her back paws so had a trip to the vets. 2 injections later and she's stuck to me like glue so much I have to carry her up the stairs when I need the loo!

Now please excuse me for being a little graphic but i'm having tummy troubles at the min. For the first 2 weeks I had trouble going to the loo as I wasn't drinking enough water. Now I'm drinking the water but I'm having the opposite problem, my bowel movements are liquid and I'm sure that's not good. Added to that is the noises my stomach is making, gurgling and swooshing noises that it's never made before. It's growled and rumbled but never gurgled. I also feel hungry even though I've had all my packs and water today. Think I may have to go to bed and try to sleep so I can take my mind off it.

Hope everyone else is fine xx


I am one of the 63336
I'm a few weeks behind you so don't know if that's normal or not. Hopefully by now it's calmed down a bit.

I have to admit to be struggling a little with water. I started off for the first week measuring it into one of those big 4 pint milk bottles but have been too lazy to do it the past few days so I'm probably not drinking enough!

Have a good day, hope puss-cat is feeling better too x


is starting to disappear!
Well it's been a few days since I came on the forum so thought I would post an update. Luckily my cat has managed to come through her attack ok although she's only just managing to get her confidence back bless her.

I've been a different story however. Work is a complete nightmare and I've been feeling low the last couple of days. I suffer from depression which hasn't been too bad in the last few months but I felt myself slipping and couldn't figure out what to do like I usually do.

I've had really bad urges to eat junk food, so strong that I had to cheat on the diet and made a fish pie with more fish than usual, more veg (broccoli and cauli for the top) and made a sauce with milk and cornflour and grated a little low fat cheese on top. Still didn't feel better and I know I should have come on here for support but I just couldn't face doing anything.

Even when I had my 7.5 month old nephew for a day and night, which usually cheers me up, I just felt low still. Then had an engagement party to go to last night so made a fish pie (the same cheating one) to eat afterwards. I did avoid the buffet which was hard but I couldn't stick to just water so I had some blackcurrant in it. I've also struggled to drink the water I'm supposed to. I now feel really crap as I'm sure that I've managed to undo all the hard work of the last few weeks. You'd think that would spur me on but oh no, all I want to do is eat. I'm hungry, craving food and feeling really low.

Well my weigh in day is tomorrow so I guess I'll see what the damage is on the scales.

Off to bed now, feeling quite sorry for myself. Sorry to go on x
obsy!!! dont worry about the fish pie, and dont feel down girl. you have done amazing so far. in th early days i found CD really made me feel a bit down too. hang in there and it should get better. when i have a bad day i have a bar or a ss+ meal. its really cheers me up. i cook some cajun chicken and throw it on some leaves and it feels great. do not gve up, keep going. you can do this and we are all here for you.

i was doig fine yesterday and then went and gobbed down some leftover lasagne and chips (with my sons plastic cutlery)!!! i dont knw why i did it and i was mad at myself, but i have learned now to just ease up on myself. good luck for today and chin up hun!


is starting to disappear!
Thanks Leeds123. My weigh in was better than I expected and I was surprised after that week. I lost 2.25lbs, so 3lbs left to lose until I get to the 2 stone mark so am going to really try this week.

Wasn't a bad day today all in all. Had my nephew for a few hours as his mum and dad were at work. Took him to the baths so he could have a good old splash about! Was going to go shopping or have some outdoor playtime but the constant heavy rain made that impossible so we had a nap and then some indoor playtime. I love to see him smile and giggle, such a good feeling. Found it hard to drink the water today.

Still, tomorrow is another day and I'm trying to not worry about what's in the past.

Thanks for the kind words x
Well done so far Obsy, you are doing so well. My journey has only just begun (although I am a returner to CD). I have been watching 'The Biggest Loser' on Sky which I find really helps me, although I haven't worked up to excercise yet!!!
Keep up the great work Obsy


is starting to disappear!
Thanks Jeanee, good luck to you too. I love that programme! I've started swimming as some gentle exercise and I'm enjoying it which I never EVER thought I would! xx
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Can't stand the thought of going anywhere to excercise at the moment, am still in the you shouldn't be seen mode, but I do walk my dog everyday for a minimum of 30 mins. Maybe in a stones time I'll feel ready to dip my toe in, but well done you as they say swimming is the perfect all over excercise.


is starting to disappear!
Oh I still think I should carry some sort of warning so people aren't disgusted by me wobbling to the pool but I don't care. They can shut their eyes but I will not be fat and thirty!!! xx
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Laugh in the face of food
Well done Obsy for going swimming, I've been struck down by Lazyitis and can't actually be pestered to do any exercise, I think it's the weather that makes me feel like that. I always feel better exercising in the summer for some reason, but I am going to have to get my butt in gear and try and tone up a bit before the summer comes, and swimming is definitely best for that.
Hi Obsy

Just read your diary and I think you are doing great. You seem to be having great losses each week.

Do you think you are drinking the water too fast? I was doing that at first and it was making me feel sick. I sup is slower now out of a litre squeezy bottle and it is so much easier.



is starting to disappear!
Thanks Surfhunny. I have never liked exercise and especially not swimming. But I know that I have to bite the bullet and as I couldn't swim very well and I have a nephew that loves the water, I thought I should make the effort and learn to swim better and tone up. It's not as bad as I thought, in fact I've got a gym induction tomorrow!

If you ever want someone to swim with, let me know. Sometimes it's easier to get motivated if you've got someone to go with.

Phatbird - I find it easier to drink the water when I'm at work as I'm in a routine rather than when I'm here, there and everywhere at home xx


is starting to disappear!
Well I'm officially happier today. Had to go and buy some new jeans yesterday as my old ones were looking ridiculously baggy and the next size down were too big so I bought ones TWO sizes smaller and it doesn't seem like it will be long before I have to go down another size. Can't believe how good a feeling it is, I feel like dancing!

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