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October starters - anyone?


running strictly on fat!
Hi all,;)

Just thought id give a shout out to any October Weight Watchers Starters out there who would like to keep me and each other company on this journey?

This is my first time I am using support website and I would love to share the experience with people going through the same path. I know that group support is very valuable source for motivation! Would love to share the tips and regular gossip :)

So lets do this together!!!!

Come on - who is up for challenge?:flirt2:
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Hi Mimi, good luck and welcome along. I started WW on the 9th October. I'm doing it all at home as I already have the books. As I am out of work at the moment, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to lose weight. I was always hungry at work, but I think by the time I'm back in work, my body would have adjusted to WW. Anyway, I have a long journey, so will be here for a while. Keep us posted on how you get on xx


running strictly on fat!
Hello Nilo! Good luck with your journey! I have been battling with my weight for a while now but only recently found this website.
It makes such a big difference!!! and yeah you are right - ppl here are ACE :)


running strictly on fat!
Good luck CSIkitty!!! I will be rooting for you x


running strictly on fat!
Dear Tristar!!!
I have started my WW on October the 13th so we almost "same time starters" I'd love to be able to do this by myself but at the moment I very much need all kind of support I can find. I have simmilar problem to yours I am constantly hungry and my portion control is non existent.

I have been thinking abt joining WW for a long time (far too long)
I didn't have any books and not really understood how it works.
After two meetings I am so enthusiastic and I am trying hard to stay on track. I have my second WI tonite and I don't know what to expect.
First week was easy, in fact I found it far too easy. I sticked to my point allowance and followed all instructions. While food shopping I would discover all WW products or low fat substitutes. I was a very good girl. To my surprise I only lost 1.5 lbs (although while wheighting myself during the week - I know I shouldnt but I became a little obssessed- I would see much greater change)
So this week, it was OK to begin with but then I gave in and had Chinesse on Wed (must admit didn't binge as much as usual) and whole weekend I had so much cravings for sweets and bad stuff in general. After couple of snacks I am finishing week with minus 4 points and I don't know what to expect at my WI. On top of everything else it's "this time of the month" so I might be even heavier than to begin with :-( I think this also affected my ability to control my cravings.
Anyway, WI tonite, fingers crossed it will be OK.
Good luck with yours WW diet - please keep me posted xxx


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We had a chinese last week, but we just share one now. I'm a fussy eater, and don't even opt for a healthy veg dish. We shared a chicken curry, but I only eat about a 3rd of it.
I started WW on the 9th October and Im really enjoying doing it. (Actually being able to eat)
Before WW I was yoyoing cambridge for 2 years..Yes i lost 4 stone or something but Yes I put all but 10lb back on again and after trying and trying to keep it off ive decided that yes its a good diet but its not for me.
Im now ready to lose the weight slowly and become healthy, I want to be able to run and not get tired and be able to wear all those lovely heels without my weight being a problem. :)
So im here and ready for the challenge.


running strictly on fat!
Dear Shanny24,

Thank you for asking :)
I lost 1.5 lb (Yuppie!!!)- which I am very chuffed about since I have been very naughty this week (even gave in to late nite Chinesse half way through!!!)
But I guess once you work out your points you can always save some extra for this unexpected yet very tempting cravings :)
How is your week going so far? xx
Hi Everyone,

I've being doing WW on and off for 10 years, and it does really work when you stick to it. I am on the Cambridge Diet (this is my first week) and I really dont know if I can carry on with the shakes. I am thinking of going back to my WW meeting next week.
Fantastic 1.5 lbs is great hun yes count your points and you will loose, great stuff. Im off the cambridge now so back on ww to maintain my weight loss.!

GurlyGirl ive come of cambridge last nite and back on ww from today so happy.! Even thou the diet ROCKS!! it s diet thou it's the fastest diet weight loss by far.!!! finish the week keep up with the water intake to.!
Im back on 21 points now and staying in control woo woo.!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.x
Ah well done MiniMini on your weightloss, haha it must have been a healthy chinese!!

Thank you so much for the advice Shanny, I will keep up with the water and the trips to the loo LOL. Its my first WI tomorrow but I have decided that I want to come off the CD and start with WW. I am determined this time to get to goal and I am focus. I think CD kicked me into gear !! I just feel like a failure that I don't have the willpower to carry on with CD. I like my food too much haha x.x.x


running strictly on fat!
Shanny24 - OMG 7lbs loss!!!! unbelivable - now I can blame you that I started thinking abt trying CD since it does allow you to lose weight extremely quickly.I know I know everyone says that once you stop it you'll gain again but if this would be a combination of CD until your goal weight and back to WW to maintain I think you are on the track to success. I am very interested how did you find this diet? Does it make it easier because you are only allowed shakes? Do you still have cravings or you'd adjust after a while? And last thing - is it very expensive to follow? As you can see I am very xcited about possibility that if I started it now I could be slim-ish b4 Xmass. Best gift for myself ever!!!
Many thanks for all your support so far xx

GuRlyGiRL thanks for your comments. Nah, Chinesse was not very healthy but I had to adjust points for remaining week so not that much food allowance left. How are you doing so far? Is it your 5th day on CD? I am so very tempted to try it as well xx
Heey hun i am going to be honest with you not to scare u at all.! BUT it's hard at first but by day 4-5 u are fine.! each CDC charges different rates i payed £38 pounds for the week, and that was just shakes 3 a day for me.! and atleast 3-4 litres of water a day.! i only managed 2-3 a day the toilet trips were made.!

I do loose weight slow but for me 7 lbs is fine i know people on it who lost 11-12 pounds on there first week.! amazing i know!! hahahaha but as i said it does have its side effects i had an headaches for 2 days, bad breath,dizzyness but you may not get any of these but your body is reactioning and u will be getting into ketosis.! Once u are in ketosis you are fine honestly your body is not hungray for food it's amazing.!

But i would pop on the forum cdc and speak to the rest have a look out for Hayley22 is supported me all of last week when i was down and wanted to give up.!

The diet is the best EVERRR but once u loose the weight and start eating rubbish foods again you will regain the weight and more.!

I have never regained my weight my cd cuz i get straight back onto ww count points watch food amount and im doing great.!

Any other info hun send me a message.! xx


running strictly on fat!
Thank you so much for all your advice - just found local consultant and made an appointment for Monday!!!! Yey - I am so xcitied.
I know I am doing fine on WW but being a little bit impatient I would love to give it a go. This might mean that I will be able to reach my goal so much quicker. I did plenty research and I know that maintenance is much more important than weight loss itself so I am up for challenge. Plan is to follow the CD until my goal weight and then get back with WW for maintenance.
Thank you for inspiration - I will look up the forum as well.
Hope you are doing fine today - are you back to WW?
All the best for you
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All the best for Monday. I felt impatient at the start, but realise now that if it comes off slowly, I think it's got more chance staying off for good, as my attitude towards food will change over time
Oooh my gosh hahaha just take each day as it comes thou, how much do u want to loose on CD then????

Ive had a ggod ww day stayed within points will see on sunday.! x

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