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October starters come in here

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hello all new CDers,

I started on Thursday 13th October.

I started at 12st 12lb's.
First WI was 12st 4lb's
Weighed today at 12st 1lb = 11lb's in 11 days.
Id like to get to 10st but my CDC says i can get to 9st 7lb :)

Post here and we can all stick together :)
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Hey Hayley,
I started today at 11st1lb my goal is 9st. Fingers crossed I can get to goal by Christmas.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Wow Music thats a good goal to set. Hows your first day been so far? x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I sure did Shanny, exactly the same as my CDC. Lost another 3lb's :)


Full Member
Hi guys,

I'm in wk 3 of W8, but would like to say hi! Lost 5 stone a couple of years ago on CD but put it all back on (completely my own fault).
Got a lot to loose so just taking it one day at a time, am going to centre parcs in Jan so want a chunk off before then. That is my first goal and am quite focussed at the moment.

Stay strong for the next couple of days Music, it is soo worth it!

Hayley, good idea to start a thread!
Good luck guys x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hi Nova,

Its always good to set a goal :)

I like the teams that are on here like mine Team 3 - Skinny Beatchs but a lot of them started months before i did so thought it was only fair to start an October starters thread. Plus i have met quite a few people on here so far that have just started and cant get into a Team.

Hope you get what your aiming for by the sounds of it your pretty determined :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Good luck guys x
Thanks Butterfly :)

Shanny - They're just Tesco digital scales at £12 :) Bargain!!

I feel im doing really well and its inspiring me to carry on.

Your also doing well hun, keep it up!
I'm OK at the moment, the weekends are tough though aren't they!

Feel horribly deprived from time to time (and minute to minute lol) but I've told LOADS of people this time so will look daft if it all goes tits up. Oh and the thought of being in a swimming costume infron of my whole family helps lol x
Yep weekends are the worst for me, I have to keep myself busy. Lots and lots of water and keep away from food and bad thoughts lol
Tesco's thats cheap imsure u will get into the 10's soon hun.! I cheated today feel bad now but drawed the line for a fresh start again.!

Im thinking about being 10.6 sooon.x
Lines are good Shanny dont even think about it and have your last shake and some water, good luck for tomorrow.
Now ive eaten ive just falied myself really i wont be doing that again in a hurry lol.!
Witchy thank u role on tomorrow now ive had my last cd and water now.!

Nova im already at goal now im back on cd for an extra 10lbs off now.! I was on ww moved back to cd for a couple of weeks.!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Nova - Some days are hard but believe me it does get easier :)

Shanny - Tesco seems to have been a god send so far, hand blender, scales, bottles of water and green tea :)
10st is a long way off in my eyes at the moment but thank you.

Claire - Welcome to October starters hun.
Post here whenever you like and about whatever you like.

i started 3rd october this year, have lost 12.5lbs so far! would like it to come off quickers but wouldnt we all!

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