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Off the wagon, need all the support I can get...

Hi everyone.
I'm Naett on the LL programme since October and manage quite well until I came back after the christmas holidays. I had lost about 5st but since the 8th of January I can't stop myself and have been binging amost everyday. I have gained about 10lb since if not more.
anyway, as any of you had the same experience and share how you got back on track??
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Hi Naett - to be honest I gave up at the end of summer still needing to lose another 4-5 stone then piled loads on between then and January when I just decided that enough was enough and that I'm going to do this once and for all --- what's 7 months out of my life compared to a lifetime of feeling miserable???

So I went back in January and have stuck to it since then --- this is going to be the last diet I do, and looking at it that way it doesn't feel all too bad.

Good luck - please climb back on board the wagon :)
I took a break from it at the end of November. Didn't binge everyday, but didn't eat in any sort of sensible way so I'm back on track. Have restarted and re-invigorated!

So yes - it's achievable. You can go back. And you should seize it. Head down, stick to the plan, learn from our mistakes. Do RtM and face those food demons. Learn, learn, learn. Then never, ever, diet again.

Come and keep posting, you'll get the encouragement to keep going. And you know the plan will give you results if your are willing to follow it. Good luck!
Hope you find the strength within yourself to get back on track. Have you been back to your class, the support really helps me. I stopped LL in Oct having lost nearly 5 stone and put 1.5 stones back on. But I still knew that LL was still going to be the way for me to get to healthy weight it just wasn't the right time to complete the journey. Now is the right time and I'm 11 days into my restart and so far so good, 100% abstinent, 6lbs down and feeling great. Do you have your before photos, you've done so well already its good to look at your progress so far and re-focus on what your end goal is. Keep posting and good luck x
thanks for your support

Hello and thanks for the support.
yes I still do the meetings and all, and I had a great start today but again it did not last long.
Having thought a lot about the why and how, I have to admit that the new me kinda scared me a little. She was to good to be true, and had so much attention she was not used to.
the program is great, it gives an insight about how to deal with a lot of things that you did not do right but it does not tell you how to deal with the new you.
The new you that gets hit when walking down the street, the new you that looks so good that guys you liked and did not like you before are so into you that it scares you too. the new you that can dresses in whatever clothes she fancies and also in any styles she wants too.
I know it is a self estime problem that I have, having been the fat funny one for so long I don't know how to handle the thinner version of me. What people see now is only my body, they treat me differently too. My friends are fabulous and really supportive and so is my family. But still, I sometimes sense that they don't know how to handle the new me although I'm still the same inside, at least I like to think so.
And I can't help but think that this is all to good to be true. But I really don't wanna get to the point where all will be lost and I'd be, like they say saying that I miss what I once had.
Anyway, these are just some thoughts I had to share somehow, It might seems mad and non sense, I think it is, but maybe you'd understand...
Thanks again.


Happily pro pointing!
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 39.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Naett

Yes, totally understand where you are coming from.
I have been size 16 and over (20-24 in the last few years) all my adult life.
I am now size 12 with a little way to go. I didn't properly notice until a couple of weeks ago what had happened to me.
My confidence and self worth have grown incredibly.
I do think it takes our minds a while to catch up with such a huge physical change.
I know we set out to get slim and change our lives, but I don't think I actually realised what I was doing and how it would change me. Maybe because we have all done so many 'diets' in our time that you don't think this one will work either.

I think you will find there are a lot of others who feel or felt the same.

I am now quite enjoying the new me, but still feel a bit uncomfortable if somebody goes over the top.

I think it will catch up with you, try talking to your LLC and group about it too.
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Naett I so know where you are with this. I know that I gave up last year because a size 14 skirt fastened on me (can't say it fit as it was way too tight to be wearable in public but it did fasten) - now strangely this scared the living hell out of me and yep after coming down from a 26 to an almost 14 that fear was enough to put me on the road to ruin.

Fear of being slim - who'd have thought it ---- not me for bloody sure!

Tell you what though it's not going to happen to me this time --- this time when I get in a size 14 (and it's decent) I'm having a pic taken and am gonna show it all over this site :D
Today is good, so far...nothing to be afraid of....

Hello all

thanks for all your support it helps a lot to get me through.
So the moment of truth has arrived and since january I have gained about 8lbs, which is not so bad, I suppose. So my challenge is to lose at least a stone by the end of February and then another for march. then I'd have reach my goal of 10st.
I feel that I'm back for good and that it will last.
Anyway, I was thinking, I live in North London and looking for a running buddy during daytime. So if any of you live near crouch end, that'd be really cool.
thanks again.
See soon, for the results.

Godd day to you all.
Glad you are getting you head round things Naett, hope you find a running buddy that would be nice.:)
hey people,
thanks for your support. I can tell you that I'm back on track now, I just feel like it's the beginning again only this time I know the why and how so they should not be any surprise there. I'll keep you posted and will make a new thread. Because, no, I'm not off the wagon anymore.
see yah

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