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  1. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

    Has anyone had it done?

    I have never been waxed anywhere and I have never even plucked my eyebrows...

    Now this year I have decided to take more care of myself and have decided to take the plunge as it was.

    So what I want to know has anyone any 'hair-raising'experiences of waxing or good experiences.

    Am probably thinking of my legs, brows and maybe bikini line, daren't try under arms!!!

    ANy comments most welcome.

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  3. soonbeslim

    soonbeslim Full Member

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    having your eyebrows waxed is fine. it stings a little bit but soon goes off :):wavey:
  4. Shalder

    Shalder Member

    HI, I was a novice waxer till 2007 too! I found legs were fine and had my eyebrows 'threaded' rather than waxed - a bit eyewatering but a great effect that lasts for ages! First time I went I wastold to take paracetemol half an hour before the appointment, which I did, and to be honest it probably hurt the least that time! Subsequently I have not bothered with the paracetemol and I've had more discomfort but nothing to write home about!
  5. weepoppet

    weepoppet Full Member

    Yup. Bikini, under arm and eyebrows. So much better than shaving.

    It is not pain free but worth it.

  6. Rachel84

    Rachel84 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    i have my underarms done when i've got the cash (i cant be bothered to shave in the summer everyday) it really doesn't hurt!!!!!! i find the more u tense and think about it hurting well then it will, i find talking to the waxer about almost anything takes ur mind off it and it will be over before you know it!!!!! i've also had my legs done but not had the confidence to have biknini line just yet (dont want anyone to see my thunder thighs)!!!!!lol
  7. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    ive had bikini, eyebrows and lip waxed and lip wax brings tears to my eyes...all worth it though if you can go somewhere that does sugaring instead of waxing it's less painful!!!
  8. RUTHYJ357

    RUTHYJ357 Gold Member

    Hiya i do waxing and i only started being waxed myself a year ago, i have my underarm done lasts 6 weeks! great not really that bad, i wax my own eyebrows.....pluck in between growth, i have my legs doen which isnt bad at all ! but behind the knees makes you jump a bit, upper lip, and forearms if im going on holiday( I dont have a bad regrowth....but everyone is different) All in all its not that bad but i do advise my "jumper" to take a ibuprophen an hour before as it does help greatly. Choose a salon that you feel comfortable with and if i were you phone a few and explain how you feel.
    Like everything it stings for a milisecond!!! and be sure to exfoiliate 4 days after to stop you haveing ingrowing hairs that applies to all areas except eyebrows.
    If you wish to know any more drop me a line
  9. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

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    W8 as need to lose so I can TTC!!!
    I get underarms, legs and recently have changed from bikini line to a full wax down below. Not as bad as you would imagine. Honest. I take a paracetamol about half hour before but the pain is over as soon as you register it. Well worth it and now I am slimmer it makes me feel so much better.
  10. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    For years I went and got waxed regularly - full leg, bikini line and underarms.

    But get this - now I have a proper salon hot waxing kit and I do it myself at home :eek:

    Yup, really.
  11. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    Lucky you Kate - how do you manage the contortions thou (or is that just me:eek:?)

    Wobbly...I have been waxing for years, and the best tip I can give is two nurofen 20mins before....pretty painless then!
  12. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

    Thanks for all the replies, I knew I could count on you all.

    Gonna give her a ring soon, I had the allergy test yesterday and all ok!!!

    I want my bikini line and eyebrows doing. Never wear skirts so not bothered till summer about legs i can shave them and under arms.

    I seem to get a rash when I shave bikini area so gonna see how waxing goes, plus hubby will be over the moon, the less the better if you know what i mean..


    Ta x
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