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Offered snacks at work.....

My colleagues seem to be on a snack fest tonight, and I've already been offered Quality Street chocs, popcorn and crisps! However, I've very politely said no thank you, and haven't even felt tempted!!!! I'm sooo proud of myself. I've just had my Strawberry Tetra, a cup of coffee and I'm looking forward to having my choccy bar in a little while. :D
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Hehe, thanks Hon. I actually cringed away when the box of chocs were shoved under my nose! LOL.
Well done Tessie :) It's the same at my work.. it's never just an odd thing like you said it becomes a treat fest... stay strong the rest of your shift xx I'm watching :D lol
Hehe, thanks Sarah Lou. I don't intend to join them, and I've asked them not to offer me anything more tonight either. :)
well done hunni - its always the same at work for me - there are always cakes and the "cake" desk is right next to me - just remember how bad they are !! you go girl x
Thanks Moley, it was someone's birthday today too, so there are even more treats than usual - there's a huge choc cake on the table in the kitchen! Luckily I don't like choc cake very much anyway! Phew. :)


This will be my year
Well done that lady, you have every right to be proud of yourself :D
Thanks Girlies. :D

I am currently being tortured by the smell of takeaways!!! :cry: The team have only gone and ordered pizza, chips and who knows what else! My stomach has started rumbling really bad now. It's weird - I don't actually want to eat any of it, but the smells........
Anyway, breathing through the nose at the moment! LOL.
Thanks Hon. At the moment I don't even own a dress! So that will be absolutely fantastic. I am staying strong... the smell is lingering, but they've gulped that all down like hungry wolves! LOL. I won't be licking the box, I promise! ;)
Hehe, that made me chuckle. You'll be fine Hon -just focus on the end result. :)


Slowly but surely x
oh gawd, I feel for you! I work from home and the only temptation is taking ab it out of the fridge door.......not tasty

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