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Oh cheese, let me count the ways I love you!

Right guys, I need some suggestions for low point cheese!

I can't give it up, I just can't. Its too full of awesomeness and loveliness :p

I've been using the extra light Babybel which are a nice amount of cheese for just one point, but, it's getting a little expensive buying them all the time!

Do any of you guys have and good cheese recommendations?
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ive heard the minicol cheese is low pointed and nice tasting?

i eat a lot of cottage cheese as i love the stuff but i know nothing on real cheese.

sainsburys lower fat cheeses are quite nice and although not as low as the ww ones, much tastier.

you can get low fat mozzarella which is good for melting on things too? x
urghhh i hate low low it has no taste!!! I love cheese partiularly mature cheese and it is not easy to find a low fat one! I have to say that a small amount of full fat cheese is well worth the points if you are determined to try a low far one the cathedral city light one is ok!
Also extra light philly is awesome in pasta or on a bagel!

I would rather give up anything than cheese :( its just tooo goood! :) xxxx


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I've tried the low low cheese its ok. I'm not a fan of lower fat cheese in general, although catherdral city one is ok too. Tescos grated mature isnt too bad but you cant beat the proper extra mature cheeses.

Sometimes less is more - if the cheese is stronger you dont need to use as much, although thats never stopped me
Im a fan of the extra light philly on rice cakes etc but its not cheesy. I agree that you can get away with less if its a strong cheese. Parmesan is a good one for that.
i love my cheese too!!! low low cheese i think is really nice and like some one already said, it toasts nice too. but recently i discovered tesco are doing a lower fat cheese that is really nice. i had for lunch today 30g of this cheese grated for 2 1/2 pts, 2 slices of kingsmill thick bread for 4 pts with plenty of onion and toasted it all in the breville and it was lovely!!!! served with a lovely plentyful salad, u cant go wrong, was very filling!! the tesco cheese freezes nice too, i only keep a small amount in the fridge so i cant eat it!!! but then i keep everything in the freezer so i cant eat it :-o x

Mumma K

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Did someone mention CHEESE my favourite subject
something I specialize in haha!!!
By far the best low fat/ low calorie cheese goes to Rosemary Conleys some asda's do stock it
but very few and far between
I order it online it freezes well and tastes like real cheese non of this rubbery plastic taste
lol @ Kals :D As soon as I saw a cheese thread, I knew you'd be all over it!!

I find that it generally seems to work out, pointwise, that you get 28g of normal cheese for 42g of half-fat cheese.? And decent half-fat is not easy to find, especially now Tescos have changed their cheeses... :| Grumble aside! I do like Low Low - I get the slices for cheese on toast, from Morries, they are good for cheese on toast, you get a good amount of cheese for your points.

CupcakeKatie gave me a great tip with cheese - If you're grating it, use the small grater rather than the normal sized grater. It makes it go so much further!!!

And that way you can easily have the full fat stuff instead of the half fat, and spread it further :D

I had a cheese addiction, and gave it up for a month not so long ago. Was it May? I forget.
It was tough....!
I misss cheese:(

I have the extra light philli on crackerbread only so I don't have butter:8855:

I do like the light mozzerela, good for home made pizzas:D


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Tesco do, half fat cheese singles.. which are the slices and are only 1 point each? dunno if anyone likes these but may get some to go on their value burgers which are only 2 points, use 50/50 bread as your bun 4 points and majorly tasty cheese burger! :D or halve your bread and you get it for 3.5 points WOO
Kally said:
Now just hold on a cotton pickin minute haha!!
what do you mean, you both knew I would have posted haha!!
anyone would think I have a CHEESE habit haha!!
This should say

Kally said:
My name's Kals, and I'm a cheese-a-holic...........

And OH MY GOD Smirks, is that a new picture, you really see the difference!! Well done m'dear!!


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And OH MY GOD Smirks, is that a new picture, you really see the difference!! Well done m'dear!!
thankyou :) It was taken the other day lol it's just my arms that won't budge! :mad: :D Lost 8inches off my hips and loads of bust! damnittt! but not arms or waist really, it's gone in from sides but not other way! really need to try and tackle it but dunno where to start :8855: hope your doing good hun! :) xxx
Lol, gotta love a cheese enthusiast :p

I picked up one from Tesco today, I think it might be the one ya'll are talking about. Mature half fat cheese. Think it was 2.5 points for 30g. Hopefully it'll be super yumsome! :D

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