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Oh dear - cracked already!

So cross with myself! :mad:. I wasn't even hungry, just really missing food - on day 2... how pathetic! :sigh:

I so wanted to do it but tried the tomato soup last night and although it tasted ok I couldn't get my head around the colour.

Had the strawberry shake this morning and even survived a trip to the cinema (with hubby and son munching popcorn beside me) - I ate my bar :).

It came to tea time and all I wanted was food - not the dreaded soup (think perhaps it was worse in my mind). It didn't help that everyone was saying "why not have 2 shakes and a 'proper' meal" - much more sensible!!!:mad:

Sorry for the rant - I'm gonna try again tomorrow , think I was missing not just food but diet coke, coffee, wine etc aswell.

Thanks for listening x
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Awww, don't feel bad! We all know how hard it is to miss food!
Last night, all I could think about was toast with peanut butter. And I had to do EVERYTHING to distract myself.

I always advise taking a bath. It's an hour of pure relaxation where you don't have anything around you to eat.
Usually afer that, my cravings are gone.

You'll get through it. Just jump back on the wagon and pop on here whenenever you feel low
Don't apologize for ranting. I know exactly how you feel.. Today I was supposed to be starting my little weight loss journey. And what happened, while putting my healthy shake into the fridge in work I saw a bowl of desert made by our epic chef! While running to throw it in the bin before I got the spoon in the bowl (I'm a gemini I fight with myself all the time! :)) I had some and felt so guilty it just went down hill from there.. Biscuits, chocolates, jellies you name it. I feel so sick..

So you did waaaay better than me!! :D Don't worry. We both can try again tomorrow! :) I believe in ya! xxx


Rebel without a calorie
I can't stand the soups and was panicking at the thought of having them and desperately searching for something else to have so could have easily been in the same position. Then I made the decision not to have them and things became much better. Good luck restarting :)
hi, this is the place to rant, you can have coke zero on the diet and diet dc pepper. its head hunger and is my big struggle too,

chin up and good luck - dont let this get you down and hold you back
Dont feel bad. we al go thru this at some point. i did because i was forcing myself to have the soups which i dont really like. the thought o the soups left me thinking "oh no, not that again" to the point where i would cheat. I now only have the shakes and i have a cup-a-soup for dinner (similar values)....its either this way or i'd fail miserably cos i need smething savoury and the exante savoury options just aint that nice in my opinion. I love the shakes cos theyre versatile and you can turn them into so many things....so this works for me. Dont beat yourself up about it...just get back on track and do what works for you xx


Rebel without a calorie
Does the cup a soup not knock you out of ketosis or anything? Id be worried I wasnt getting everything I needed having it
That's why I have the Dietimeals. Similar values to Exante, slightly fewer carbs if I remember right, and like you Mandy I need something savoury.
The beauty of Exante is that you can adapt it to make it work for you. I've been having the Dietimeals from week 2 or 3 as I had really wound myself up about not liking the soups and would have caved as I don't have a sweet tooth :)

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