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oh god - what can i do!!!!

:(hi guys, i need advice, i am sooooooo constipated its not funny!! im eating all the normal fruit and veg but nothing!!! i am having a whole punnet of strawberries with natural yogurt for luch hoping that will get things moving but i doubt it! anyone got any suggestions?? sorry for horrid subject???:confused:
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Know how you feel it is horrible!! Those strawberries should do the trick..I normally buy either strawberries/raspberries/blackberries and each loads and that does the trick!! Stay away from cereals/bread/stodgy stuff and drink as much water as you can to soften things up!!
hmmm water, spose i havent really been drinking enough of that??? actually ive not had any today!!! oops, right ill give that a go!!!
Hi get some senna and drink lots of water. If you are in pain you made need an enema. Good luck, constipation can be awful :(
has anyone heard about those sepcial bowl massages you can have, i really want one of those!! that woman on super skinny v supersize had one and she said she done a massive poo!! dya reakon u could do a similar massgae on yaself, am skint!!
isnt that really high in synage though??


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A cup of boiled water and slices of lemon does the trick for me, as does a cup of tea!

Things will right themselves though, I eat all the right foods, always have my five a day and sometimes don't go for a couple of days. I feel crappy then, but it does sort itself out.

I would also love one of those massages, much better idea than a colonic!!!
i dont have a ny scan bran as i dont actually go to class, i didnt think u could buy them from supermarkets can u???
oo do they?? i will look out for them then, thankyou, didnt realise you could buy them outside of class - yay!!
Poor you! It's horrid isn't it.

Grapefruit works for me. And taking a long walk or a run. Just helps things move around down there.

YES! You can do the abdominal massage on yourself. I googled it the other week. I'll see if I can find the link again. Basically you start on the bottom right corner and massage in small circles, pressing firmly, going round up to under your ribs, accross the top and down to the left...
ooo fab thanks ill have a read, as problem still there!!! xxx

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